Travel Route>>>Travel Agents on Strike

Not only retailers across Maharashtra are up in arms against LBT, there are over
3,000 travel agents across the country kept their businesses shut on May 8 protesting alleged opaque airfare practices by airlines, and also demanded restoration of agency commission, travel agents body TAAI claimed.

“The bandh was a big success as some 3,500 travel agents from across the country, including Mumbai and Delhi voluntarily did not work today in support of our demands,” Travel Agents Association of India President Iqbal Mulla said.

Mulla said that along with 3,000 TAAI members, some of the outbound tour operators also kept their shutters down to show solidarity with the industry, which is facing is rough weather due to the economic conditions.

Stating that the travel agents fight for “rightful commission” and bringing transparency in the fares will continue, Mulla said, “Now we have to prepare our next phase of action plan.” He, however, did not specify as to what would be the next step.

Alleging that air fare practices of airlines are opaque, the TAAI demanded that the airlines should bring transparency in airfares and also wanted the government to regulate airline fares in the interest of the consumers. Besides, the association has also demanded restoration of agency commission, which is currently paid only to Air India and Jet Airways along with a few overseas carrier.

The travel agents’ body has also opposed the government’s move to unbundle air services and allowing airlines to charges for different services such as preferential seating, meals, snacks, drinks (except drinking water) and baggage. All these services should be included in the ticket price, TAAI argues.

The Civil Aviation Ministry had, in 2011, barred airlines from charging extras for preferential seating, prompting low-fare carrier IndiGo and others to include this in a “special services” category.


2 thoughts on “Travel Route>>>Travel Agents on Strike”

  1. The TAAI’s demands are justified. Opaqueness in price of any consumer related product is not acceptable. But personally i dont think the aviation ministry would accept the demand. With the king of good times – mr. Mallya already in turmoil with his kingfisher airlines, the other big private players in the wouldnt allow the government to make the necessary changes!
    Good Article, very informative! 🙂

  2. The demands of the TAAI is justified. Any organization working directly for the consumers cannot have an opaque pricing system. Personally I dont think the much needed change in pricing system would be accepted by the government. The king of good times, Mr. Mallya’s kingfisher airlines already in turmoil, and aviation industry as a whole not prospering as it should, the other big private players would be reluctant to accept these changes.
    Nice write-up, very informative. 🙂

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