Jab hum Pattaya mein…

It is every girl’s dream to honey moon in exotic locales of Thailand, and on this wishlist Pattaya tops the chart. It was the case with me too! Alas the dream came true on my 15th anniversary with 14 year old daughter in tow. As goes the saying…better late than never!

After lot of effort, our Bangkok trip materialised…the shopping destination of the world. Known for its raw charm, reclining Buddha, temples, thai food and floating market etc. Bangkok had everything the mother daughter duo loved. The trip was planned by me right from concept to commissioning implying right from finalising the dates, budgeting the trip, selecting the flight to booking of hotels and needless to mention minute to minute program for sightseeing, shopping, dining etc. But trip to Pattaya was no where on my mind, probably my dream had faded into oblivion.

So how did it happen? On 5th day in Bangkok and in and out of shopping and sightseeing we thought of adventure, rest and our favourite sea beaches and sea food. We just hired the taxi and left for Pattaya.  Needless to say journey was fabulous , a mix of green and hilly landscape all through the journey…I could n’t wait for Pattaya and finally we were there…

My long cherished destination!

More update on how was Pattaya like …watch this space later!

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