Freebies galore for Indian tourists to foreign locales…

Just don’t ignore them…Summer Vacations are here!

Planning to cool your heals in some exotic foreign locale? Now it will offer more on your plate!

Book US trip, get cruise fee! This news item in today’s Times of India (May 12) could not escape my attention with my Sunday
morning cup of tea!

Esplanade in Singapore

I became more curious and this is what I read:

1. Spend on a 16-day trip to the US and get a seven day Alaska cruise free

2. A four city Europe tour for just Rs. 85,000

3. 50% discount on South East Asian destinations like Thailand & Singapore

4. Take your child free

5. Upgarde to a five star hotel

Travel trends of Indian travellers:

1. Burgeoning population of 12 million Indians travelling overseas last year, Indian are lapping up the offers this year

2. 15-18% growth in Indians travelling overseas this year

3. A significant percentage of these travellers say 30% are from non metros.

Indian tourists are largely in search of place where they could visit exotic destinations and reasonable pricing, icing on the cake would be freebie!

So what are you thinking? Pack your bags for Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, US, Europe…whereever!

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