You got to be 60 to be a tourist


This year’s statistics reveals that there is a growing trend in senior citizens in India who are taking up to tourism in a big way. Gone are the days when seniors in India doing tourism meant only Chardhaam yatra or pilgrimage to some temple or shrine. Now they are ready to explore exotic destinations like Greece, Europe, Alaska cruise, Rio Carnival, Switzerland, London – Paris, Amazon cruise etc. It is no longer restricted to big business tycoons or highly placed professionals but it is percolating to aspirational middle class who have time and wealth both at their disposal.

There were over 15 million outbound travellers from India in 2012, according to Ministry of tourism, of which 35% are senior citizens, above age of 60.

Pure tourist segment is growing at a fast clip of over 20% a year

According to a report by Amadues Frost & Sullivan there will be an increase of 250 million of over 65s across Asia Pacific countries by 2030 with main contributors of increase being India & China.

So what is pushing this trend?

1. Early retirement

2. Healthy Lifestyle

3. Ample money

Above all zest for life!

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