Today is World Tourism Day…June 9


I Congratulate all avid travellers on World Tourism Day.

It is important to take few pledges this day to make our travel more enjoyable like:

1. Plan your trip in advance especially foreign ones.
2. Book your tickets, book your hotel, chart out sight seeing plan
3. Plan your social visits
4. Plan your shopping sojourns so that you make most of your trip.
5. Try travelling light, don’t take elaborate costumes as you are a tourist afterall.
6. Take medicines for common ailments, allergies
7. Not to forget taking Travel Insurance
8. Keep all your Passport / Visas intact
9. Take toileteries like Sun screen / sun block / moisturisers dont leave it for buying there
as it may leave you with some skin allergies
10. Carry comfortable footwear not the fancy ones

If you keet these things in mind, your trip will certainly be more enjoyable!

Happy tourism day!

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