Philippines>>> GEM of Pearl of Orient – Boracay Island!

White beach and boatiful splendour
White beach and boatiful splendour
Breathtakingly beautiful wihite beach
Breathtakingly beautiful wihite beach
Sandcastle at Boaracay
Sandcastle at Boaracay

Bulabog beach
Bulabog beach

Nicknamed ‘the Pearl of the Orient’, the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands. Combining all its shores would make it one of the longest coastlines in the world. It is believed that these islands contain more of the world’s great beaches than any other country, and low cost too – but it’s just not that easy to get there!

• Steady Winds, White Sands, Great Waves
• Fire Dance Performances
• Snorkelling, Windsurfing
• Delicious cuisines
• Greenery, White Sands
• Resorts, Restaurants, Bars
• Sun-bathing, Skin tanning!

All this & much more in Boracay Islands in Philippines!!

Although this has been one of the world’s best beach holiday destinations for many years there is still plenty of undiscovered paradise potential among these lush and lovely islands. The Philippines is a hot and humid tropical country in southeast Asia, populated by attractive, relaxed people and scattered with tropical jungles, hideous cities and glorious beaches considered by many professional travelers to be the world’s top seaside spots.
The country costs little to travel in unless you stay at a fancy beach resort, and that’s not necessary as there are plenty of cheap hotels and down market guest houses available. It’s impossible not to be swept up in the sweet island life once you get out here.!

The sun shimmers on diamond reefs and local fishermen catch fresh crustaceans straight from the ocean. It’ll be quite easy to get addicted. Good thing, there are thousands of islands to satisfy your craving. The beaches here are the perfect escape from those cold, icy, extra-long winters. You can see as many as you can in a day. Rent a kayak to paddle around the islands with, or get a guided boat tour, which usually includes a perfectly grilled lunch.!

Boracay is a tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches about an hour’s flight from Cebu or Manila just off the larger Philippines island of Panay. The name Boracay is attributed to different origins. One story says that it is derived from the local word “borac” which means white cotton with characteristics close to the color and texture of Boracay’s white sugary and powdery sand. Another credits the name to local words “bora,” meaning bubbles, and “bocay,” meaning white. Yet another version dating back to the Spanish era says the name is derived from “sagay,” the word for shell, and “boray,” the word for see!

For beach connoisseurs it competes with the best beaches of more popular destinations such as the Caribbean and the South Pacific as well as neighbouring Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. For those wanting to just lounge around and top up their tan, beach-front hotels usually have lounge chairs set up just a few steps away from the hotel entrances. The more active will appreciate water sports and activities such as sailing, wind surfing, snorkelling, diving and jet skiing. The fun in Boracay doesn’t end when the sun sets Boracay Island is located approximately 350 kilometers south of Manila, Philippines. The island is a short distance off the north-western tip of Panay Island, which is in the western Visayas in the Philippines. Boracay Island is about seven kilometres long and its narrowest point barely 1 kilometer wide, comprising an area of 1,083 hectares.

Bulabog beach on Boracay island is known for its great waves, steady winds and adventure sports whereas there are other beaches like Diniwid beach where you can spend your lazy afternoons lounging on the beach or going in for relaxing spa treatments like sea weed wraps or salt body scrub. You can spend nights watching fire dance performances. Wonderful if you are adventure lover – The Filipino islands waters are a treat for snorkelers and you can take private boat to nearby Carabo Island, catch the wind during your sail while windsurfing. White Beach is on the west coast of the island between the villages of Angol and Balabag, this legendary expanse of white sand remains cool even on the hottest days. It undauntedly pervades a diverse atmosphere of resorts, restaurants, bars, discotheques and stores that vibrantly frame the renowned beach. It is also sends out an idyllic setting for sunbathing, people watching or simply lounging with friends over a favorite drink.

Boracay has more than ten distinctive beaches nestled in the coves surrounding the infamous island. All of them feature the same powdery white sand that has undoubtedly made the island prominent around the world. By far, the most popular beach is a seven-kilometer stretch, officially called White Beach.

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