Dato Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen, Minister of Tourism, Malaysia

In Mumbai to talk about “Bollywood in Malaysia” in a select Press Conference in Mumbai on July 5.

Hon'ble Minister of Tourism Malaysia
Hon’ble Minister of Tourism Malaysia

On 9 April 2009, she was appointed Minister of Tourism and under her stewardship, Malaysia was rated the ninth most popular tourist destination by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). In 2011, Malaysia received 24.8 million tourists, generating RM58.3 billion in tourism receipts. The ministry also spent RM 1.8 million on a Facebook marketing campaign to promote tourism.With 2014 designated as Visit Malaysia Year, Dr. Ng and the people of Malaysia are busy preparing to welcome visitors with warmth, hospitality and promise of a great holiday in Malaysia.

One of her first few concerns as Tourism Minister was to promote the Homestay programme whereby tourists will get to stay in villages and experience the true essence of Malaysia’s rural lifestyle. Her approach increased the numbers and earned the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia the coveted UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Public Policy and Governance for the Malaysia Homestay Experience Programme on 15 Nov 2012.

To keep tourist numbers rolling in, she launched new programmes and events, specifically targeting different segments of the tourism market. As a natural extension of the successful “Malaysia Truly Asia” brand, she launched the “Fabulous Food 1 Malaysia” event, a 3-month promotion campaign (Oct to Dec) highlighting Malaysia’s gourmet, restaurants and street food. Malaysians generally are proud of their wide variety of food choices, the result of their multi-ethnic and multi-cultural heritage.

Other new programmes aimed at increasing the tourism receipts are the Malaysian International Shoe Festival (MISF), and the Malaysian Contemporary Arts Tourism Festival. Banking on Malaysia’s well known shoe designer, Jimmy Choo, the Malaysian International Shoe Festival is fast gaining recognition for Malaysia as the Shoe Capital of the East. The Malaysian Contemporary Art Tourism Festival (Jul–Sept) gave much needed spark of life to the local art scene. With the Ministry’s focus on contemporary art promotion, the interest, awareness and appreciation for art is growing steadily. The ultimate objective is to attract foreign tourists to invest in Malaysia’s contemporary art. This should not be too difficult in light of CNN’s rating for Kuala Lumpur as the fourth most popular shopping destination in the world after New York, Tokyo and London.

Dr. Ng is a firm believer in responsible tourism. Her mantra is tourism protects, preserves and conserves Mother Nature. One of Malaysia’s key attractions is eco-tourism, notably Sipadan Island.,[15] which is often credited as the top dive site in the world. Additionally, the recent visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, to Danum Valley, one of the verdant green sanctuaries in Malaysia has created a lot of publicity and awareness for Malaysia’s ecotourism attractions.

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