‘Apna’Log Kooled @ Kolad!

JULY 6, SATURDAY: The team Apnapaisa set out for Outdoor adventure trip to WILD WEST ADVENTURE RESORT at Kolad on Goa road. Excitement was palpable as it was a much awaited picnic of the year, that too in monsoons.

Journey started at 6:30 AM from Borivali and it took us nearly 6 hours at 12:30 to reach the destination. Everybody kept wondering where we were heading to as destination looked somewhat unduly long and driver of the bus kept telling us 10 minutes more for not less than 5 times. As anticipated, it was quite a misadventure as driver missed the spot and had moved ahead…he had to take the u-turn after driving quite a distance. Never mind…Der aayi…durust aayi!

Enroute Kolad, journey was quite interesting much different from our Metro drive. As it was constantly drizzling outside, nature looked at its best…lush greenery …high mountains….rivers with swans sailing. Quite a break from daily hustle bustle.

Inside the bus, it was drizzling FUN. The bus was converted into Mini Pub where our team members were singing, dancing, eating, drinking and making merry. Our colleague Mandakini and team belting out medley of Bollywood numbers one after another was quite a treat to all of us. The topping on the fun was provided by none other than our own Surendra Sharma – Balwantji whose jokes kept everybody in splits throughout. Sprits were really high…except mine as I was down under fever and that kept my colleagues genuinely worried. Still I decided to go ahead as I did not want to miss the fun whatever little I could have.

After reaching the Wild West adventure resort, we found it to be quite a sight – natural and free flowing river with high waves amidst dense forest and high mountains and rain showers. It was a pleasure to watch nature at its splendid best.

Now was the time for some real adventure – Banana Boat ride which ‘Apna’ Log enjoyed the most. It took them around the river in Banana speed boat, everybody waived from the boat with excitement to all of us who were watching them from the parapet. But soon…excitement turned into shock when boat overturned and they were floating on the river. For the first time I was actually shocked. It was really scarry…But later came to know that they enjoyed it most.














Now team headed for some really heavy duty adventure – Zipping and river crossing. Many ‘Apna’Log attempted it for the first time and attempted it quite well. Some returned disappointed as they could not attempt it. All of them returned quite happy to gorge on sumptuous lunch.

It was time to leave…and move towards where bigger adventure which was to unfold to our surprise. It was a trek towards natural waterfalls in the mountains in some village. The trek towards waterfalls was really adventurous …raining on head …slippery on foot, the combination was really deadly. Reluctant adventurists like me too wanted to explore and set out to trek, but returned mid-way anticipating the dangers ahead. Some lost the way…some lost the trek and fortunate few led by Balwantji could make it to the spot who had the real fun amidst mountains, jungles and waterfalls. They were privy to great funfilled adventure. In the meantime I took out time to view the village life where I could spot TV/ Dish TVs/ fridge/ Sofas etc. in the houses. In the lap of mountains, the village was breathtakingly beautiful. In the meantime, some colleagues returned. The villagers had gathered around us to watch the new encroachers in the area. Now all of them returned, completely wet. It was time for photography session and many youngsters jumped with joy.

But like all good things, this too came to an end. It was time to leave…and we moved ahead towards Panvel. This journey needs special mention as roads on the highway had really gone bad due to heavy rains and there was not a single light on the highway for over two hours of drive. Truly surprising that being located next to financial capital and such sorry state of affairs. Maharashtra Tourism really needs to look into this to compete with Gujarat Tourism where drive is truly delightful.

After struggling with potholes, poor lighting and heavy traffic we made way to home and everybody reached safely, happily with dreams of next ‘Outing’.

Three Cheers for:
1. Patronage by Balwant Jain
2. Organisation by Rajan, Sushil
3. Most spirited performance by Mandakini and Team
4. Enthusiastic participation by Content
5. All Men representation by Engineering
6. Guest Appearance by Rajesh Vyas
7. Mothers who brought along their kids

Thank you all…
Text courtsey: Bienu Verma Vaghela
Photography: Tanya Vaghela

3 thoughts on “‘Apna’Log Kooled @ Kolad!”

  1. Superb narration and looks like all had a terrific time… reminds me again of all the fun I missed out on as I could not join!

  2. thanks Bienu for your good words. It was real fun for me as well. I had done this adventure first time.

  3. Just Wow……It created a picture in front of my eyes and reminded me of all the fun we all had on that day….

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