Indian Tourists Love to have Paisa Vasool trip!

It was an afternoon to remember when I get to meet Mr Manoharan, Director, Malaysia Tourism for an informal luncheon meeting at Wong Wong, Nariman Point, Mumbai.  It was indeed a pleasure and honour to be in his company over most authentic and sumptuous Chinese cuisine when our conversation revolved around Malaysia.  With great respect for Blogger community, Manoharan shared that nowadays people refer to blogs for their travel related needs as it gives them firsthand experience.

I couldn’t have agreed for more!


Conversation moved towards Malaysia’s Mega Sale which is a big draw not only with Indians but whole of Asean region.  While I wanted to know about the Shoe festivals like Jimmy Choo which happens to be my favourite brand as well, he elaborated that Jimmy Choo is part such Shoe festivals and all other festivals are part of Malaysian Mega Sale which is spread all over Malaysia and draws large number of visitors across the Globe. It is being organised three times in a year. Festival have theatrical shows with dance, drama, music and cuisine festivals and large number of visitors are attracted towards them from China, Japan and Asean.  Incidentally China accounts for highest number of tourists for Malaysia followed by India who love to shop, wine and dine and enjoy. During Mega Sales, genuine branded items offer huge discount. Moreover huge celebrations and promotions are part of Mega Sales.”

Elaborating on characteristics of tourists, he made a very interesting observation. Manoharan said, “ Tourists from the US and Europe are very focussed on what kind of tourism they want like if they want to have adventure tourism then they will remain focussed on that only whereas Indian look for Paisa Vasool trip. They want to derive maximum value out of their trip by way getting complete experience on shopping, dining, sight-seeing, events what not. And Malaysia is well equipped to cater all types of ourists.” 

Finally when I raised the topic of Film City of Malaysia which has been a talk- of- the- town of late, Manoharan said, “Malaysians love Bollywood movies and are crazy for stars, every household watches Bollywood movies, whether they understand Hindi or not.” 

He added, “Film City in Zohor Bahru is well – equipped for production and post-production of films. It is highly digitised and hi-tech laced with complete film making facilities. Many Hollywood and Bollywood movies have been shot here. Film makers across the globe are coming here and availing the facilities and choosing it as location of their movies.”

He concluded that people from all across the world have chosen as their home away from home in want of better life at value for money costs. 

It was really a ‘Manohari’ evening! 

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