M P Mesmerises…One & All !

Madhya Pradesh Tourism commercial could not have escaped my fancy! MP Tourism has come up with this incredible Commercial to show case the tourism strength of biggest state of India. Beautifully picturized, conceptualised and executed…you can’t miss the lyrics, the colours, the vibrancy and music in this commercial. One by one it captures the soul of each tourist destination, depicted in colours of Indian festival of colours (Holi). The commercial indeed is a riot of colours. Having been to all these places personally, I relive those moments when I visited these places as a child. Indeed things have come a long way…since!

I reproduce the ad verbatim translation of lyrics used in the commercial so that all my global friends are able to enjoy…& do not miss the visit to heart of India – Incredible Madhya Pradesh!

Must watch video:

M P Tourism – Incredible state, incredible commercial
Enjoy it with English translation!

Hundred types of colours!
Hundreds of lions roar in Kanha…
Which leaves every tourist wide eyed…wide eyed!
The silent statues of Khajuraho
Which are epitomes of love!
M P amazes everyone…amazes everyone!
Those who come to see Mandu’s Raj Mahal
Surprised to see the Johar
Visited Sanchi’s Stupa ( Buddha’s abode)
This is where violence was removed
M P mesmerises every one…mesmerises every one.
Worship of Mahakaal
No one like Krishna here
Every soul has bewildering experience in MP.

Madhya Pradesh – The heart of incredible India

For my friends in India, lyrics in Hindi of M P Tourism commercial

मध्य प्रदेश टूरिज्म – अतुल्य भारत

रंग हैं रंग हैं…रंग हैं
सौ तरह के रंग हैं
कान्हा में सैकड़ों शेर दहाड़े
हर कोई देखे आंखे फाड़े …ऑंखें फाड़े…आंखे फाड़े…आंखे फाड़े
खजुराहो की खामोश मूरत
प्यार की कितनी प्यारी सूरत
एम् पी आया हर कोई दंग है… दंग है… दंग है… दंग है!
मांडू का देखने राज महल आये
जोहर देखा चक्कर खाए
साँची में आकर स्तूप देखा
अंत में आकर हिंसा को फेका
एम् पी में आकर हर रूह मलंग है
महाकाल की पूजा
कृष्णा न कोई दूजा
एम् पी आई हर रूह मलंग है

एम् पी – अतुल्य भारत

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