Missed Connections – Book Review

MISSED CONNECTION comes from an engineer by education, technocrat by profession and die-hard romantic by heart. This compelling collection of eight short stories takes you in a different era with its old school charm. The treatment and feel of stories reminds you of Ruskin Bond’s story with small town Mussourie as its backdrop with particular reference to Clancy and Vishal’s love story. Indeed the protagonists are strong individuals who are more expressive with their emotions and feelings than male counterparts. More so they know exactly how far they want to take this relationship, where to draw the line and finally move on with some really practical decisions. The women here are not strong feminists who are good for raising slogans and making news but are strong at heart and capable of taking some strong decisions what if they have to suffer themselves or even make their men suffer.

vipul kurukshetr_cover

The romance has been dealt with very tenderly right from the perspective of little Clancy to mature lovers Sam and Surbhi, which is hard to find. Some interesting anecdotes, “Laziness is the mother of all bad habits and mother should be respected,” need a special mention here.

In every story, when love starts blossoming between the two lovers…that part has been handled very tenderly and lot of attention has been paid to the detailing of emotions there. One can easily relate to those situations, so would love the experience. The language is tight and style is crisp but some stories have developed in a very predictable fashion though they have been saved by the twist in the end.

Some partners are very compatible, made for each other types like Miss H Kaur and Vikas whereas some have taken time to develop like Madhu Khurana’s which made a really gripping read, whereas Tina Shah was very predictable with sort of filmi end.

Would like to add here that Missed Connections is a beautiful journey in a women’s heart when she is just 14, 24, 34, 44 or 54…all ages will feel connected so there will hardly be any Missed Connections.

This concoction of beautiful love stories is bound to touch every emotional heart but not too sure how far it will be able to impress today’s youngsters who are used to racy, fast paced video games, stories, movies, I mean the impatient younger lot who want to achieve everything in a jiffy…

…And one needs patience to savour these beautifully written love stories!

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