Jeju Island, Korea, No words to describe its beauty, Literally!

Jeju Islands is located south west of the Korean Peninsula. It has been designated as Jeju Special Self-Governing province. It is the Republic of Korea’s largest island. A world famous volcanic island with more than 90 percent of its total area covered with basalt. It is strategically located island connects continental nations ( Russia and China) to island nations (Japan and South – East Asia). It is a resort island with magnificent view of nature.


Hallasan Azalea
Hallasan Azalea
Flower and Stonewall
Flower and Stonewall
 Seongsan Ilchulbong
Seongsan Ilchulbong

017 Valley of Jeju

Jeju is oval shaped island that is 73 Kms from East to West and 31 Kms from north to south, with Hallasan mountain the centre. The island has a coastal ring road of 181 kms and 258 kms of coastline. It has a temperate climate with temperatures that rarely drops below zero degrees.

The island is home to both polar and tropical animals. It is home to 77 types of mammal, 198 species of bird, 8 kinds each of reptiles and amphibians. 873 types of insects and 74 varieties of spiders. The island with Hallasan mountain at its centre, has recorded a total of 2001 types of vertically distributed sub-tropical, temperate and polar vegetation in comparison with Back Dusan mountain, which has about 500 types and Jirisan mountain.

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