My teenage years at play @DovePlay

DovePlay Experience

I didn’t think even in my weirdest dreams that my joining Indiblogger family will bring me such phenomenal experience of sharing, bonding & enjoying. For the first time, I felt really elated being a blogger ( I accompanied with my young daughter – Tanyaa – who owns the blog – found a very unique way to bond on Mother’s Day – May 11 @ J W Marriot, Mumbai.

With apprehensions in our heart, we set out on hot Sunday afternoon for J W Marriot and voila! When we reached – we found so many lady bloggers in the Sangam Ball Room in WHITE! It was quite an amazing site. We were welcomed by IndiBlogger team members who guided us through the events laid out for the day. We didn’t know any one there and felt quite lost for some time, but as the first event rolled and we were divided into teams – things took a turn. In no time we became friends and enthusiastically started participating in the contests, dance etc. The Zumba session was quite a dance move which I experienced for the first time ( Had to use Rallispray in the night to sooth my nerves) but I could not contain my excitement then. All of us dancing, matching the step with the trainer – who was a great bundle of energy. Till now our fingers were active, now whole body was active – every move was well – synchronised – in fact we came to know of our hidden talent – ZUMBA.

The team spirit was at its best. We made great friends with our team members – Vinita, Sam, Sayoni, Mitchelle, Pallavi ( Lady with the longest hair) and our team chemistry and bonding enabled us to win very high scores in all the contest. We were team no. 2 called French Braid. Tanyaa was “Hips Don’t Lie” contest winner.

Dove had really laid out a great Pampering session for us where all of us styled our hair as till then we had our hair down literally through out the evening and they indeed needed some good styling. Dove had provided lovely back drop for the photo-opportunists in us and we made full use of this opportunity.

I have been a DOVE customer for many years, and have very high opinion of the brand owing to their hair friendly shampoos, conditioners and skin friendly cream and soaps. They spread love through their products and this bond from my teenage years was at play at DovePlay event. I really felt like a teenager with my teenage daughter in tow and my daughter like team members especially Shayoni who had flew down from Kolkatta. She and my daughter Tanyaa bonded so greatly that they Shayoni and Tanyaa had tears in their eyes when Shayoni left for airport.

Quite a moving sight indeed! All this love because of Dove.

We love Dove, it is a symbol of love and Dove – the brand along with Indiblogger strengthened our belief in love that too with those who were complete strangers few hours ago. The event was superbly managed – Managing so many ladies under one roof is quite a task (hats off) and IndiBlogger did that with élan – special thanks to Nihal, Karthik, Diana.

Last but not the least – Our team was declared winner amidst thunderous applause – all of us walked away with Rs. 5000/- Gift Voucher with Dove Salon and a goody bag with Dove products with hair dryer, straightener – what not!

DSC04587 DSC04588 DSC04618 DSC04603 DSC04622 DSC04602 DSC04593 DSC04613

Look forward to many more such bonding and blogging sessions.

All you ladies – Spread Love with DOVE –


– Bienu Verma Vaghela

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