Power centre shifts, India has a MAN as PM Modi

We recently visiting Shakti Sthal, New Delhi which is late PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi’s memorial located in the heart of New Delhi. The day was April 19, 2014 and I was moved to tears looking at those pictures spread all over the memorial which brought alive memories of Mrs. Gandhi whom I admired as a child and an adult who was symbolic of woman empowerment, who taught Indian girls to dream, achieved remarkable feats, was a global phenomenon, feisty, fiery Indira Gandhi was my role model.

I remembered seeing her when she had come for some function at my father’s office, and it was a most cherish able moment for me. But her weakness for her children, took her to dramatic lows. From what heights to what lows – history will always chronicle this. One of the most powerful woman of the world, use to go weak in front of her children. She was a mother to all Indians, but in hearts of heart she was mother to her children only. From thumping victory to shameful defeat in 1977 elections.

Now India has chosen for change, from dictator Sonia Gandhi, silent Manmohan Singh, uninspiring Rahul Gandhi…it has chosen a man, the Modi. People of India are looking upto him with great hope. This is the might of Indian democracy, millions of Indian reposed their faith in change. Power centre shifts gears, from Royal Gandhis to humble Modi.

While at Shakti Sthal, I thought and hoped that Narendra Modi wins. If he wins, India will remove the shackles of anarchy.

Whatever, it is, if you are in Delhi, don’t miss to visit Sprawling, enchanting, beautiful, reminiscent of glorious Gandhi.

. DSCF1473 DSC04269 DSC04273 DSC04274 DSC04280 DSC04281 DSC04275 DSC04268 DSCF1500 DSC04278 DSCF1501

I present here the view of Shakti Sthal in pictures.

– Bienu Verma Vaghela

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