Zip, Zap, Zoom with ZEST in life…

I believe ‘Zest’ is the most powerful & wonderful emotions for any sensible human being. What is life without zest? According to me it is like living life of a vegetable where you are in dud routine, and have nothing to look forward to. Excitement, enthusiasm, zest are spices of life which makes lives around us worth relishing. With zest you can make other’s lives worth living too…and not just yours!

Being a woman, a home – maker, working professional ( Chief Editor – media house), mother of a teenager, thoughtful, responsible…life is proving to be a trapeze act which requires smart balancing in all my roles. And the biggest challenge is I want to do this with élan, and I am doing it too. (Check with my husband, daughter & boss). Indeed this multiple roles keep the zest of life but these add to depressing moments too and life is going on like that. But amidst all this, it is not difficult for me think of some things which can really add some zest to my life and I so want them very much. Besides, adding ZEST, they will do immense value addition to my life.

If wishes were horses…I would like to ride on these wishes:

1. Meeting Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India who changed the face of Indian politics. He comes as a very positive person and because of this quality he could see such meteoric rise. Today whole world is at his feet…He has the charisma and dynamism to move the 1 billion population of India and established great connect with his countrymen. He is impeccable with his speeches and his dressing, styling sense is worth emulating. A meeting with him will surely add zest to my life.

2. Having a very intellectually stimulating conversation with someone where I can freely discuss what is happening across the globe, lives of people, wars, terrorism, gloom, doom, politics, diplomacy going on all over…it will certainly add ZEST to my life which I will cherish for ever. It will be a great mental massage for my grey cells which I feel have been lying dormant in want of one. Here I can exchange notes with that person, have his/her views and share my views with him/ her. Really look forward to having one such date…

3. Sharing a platform with the likes of Ms. Kiran Bedi, Smriti Irani, Hillary Clinton where I can share my views on Women Empowerment that why it is important to have powerful women to make any country powerful, resourceful. Till now I have been listening, now I feel time has come that world listens to my views on the topic. It will certainly give me a new high, world becoming privy to my views on this most relevant & topical topic. It will certainly add great Zest to my life.

4. Visit a place which is laden with natural beauty, greenery, cottages, sea-shores, and exciting night life, cuisines, where my thought process is aligned with nature and I am able to give concrete shape to my book which is constantly spinning in my head from quite some time. May be zest is not enough to concretise my thoughts. May be such surroundings infuse much needed fresh enthusiasm for me to make some headway in this venture.

5. Possessing a Mean machine – a beautiful CAR which can literally take me places. Laden with good looks, great performance, smart features…it will give feathers to my imagination. I can visit those places which I have been aspiring to from a very long time like some interiors of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa may be. Possessing one will certainly add zest to my life.


The list is long, but for now this will suffice. You at blogadda have taken the initiative of adding Zest to we bloggers life and I am thankful for that. Writing this piece has already added some zest to my life. With @tatazest my zest would zip to another level, amen!

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and

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