With malice towards One & All, who hate black!

I was born dark to fair parents, so I have lived with it…dark girl, how she will get married, who will marry her with this complexion…all these comments did not deter me from being proud of my dark complexion, black eyes and black tresses. I grew up as a confident teenager, super confident adult in this biased world which despised everything black including human beings. Defying conventional norms of beautiful Indian girl, I got married and today I am proud parent of beautiful teenager. In those days it was a taboo to say (Late 70s) I love black! But I saw my mother using black kohl tika to ward off bad omen, caring for our black pet dog, having black cow in the back yard and draping herself in black sarees, father loving his black Pantaloons…what not!

Somehow since those days, I developed some sort of liking for BLACK and secretly yearned for many things black to colour my life when I grow up. Things changed…but today with http://www.blogadda.com inviting us to reveal our secret fetish for Black, memories are very vivid of my teenage years when I always thought what all black things I will have when I grow up. The power of black is immense…when you wear a dress, it hides your negatives, makes you look slimmer, black kohl in your eyes makes you look beautiful, your black tresses attract as many eyeballs and when you zip in your black Merc – world turns green!

If wishes were horses, I would surround myself with everything black around me.

I list here those FIVE black things which I would certainly like to possess:

1. Black Bridal Lehenga: Black Bridal lehenga for my daughter for her marriage so that all evil is warded off while she looks ravishing on her big day. All embroideries, cuts, silhouettes spontaneously get a lift if the outfit is black. It enhances your features, hides negatives of your body shape, makes you look slimmer and immediately lifts your mood. And it is a break from convention! You don’t have to think twice before selecting a black outfit…be it corporate board meeting, party, social gathering or celebration!


2. Black Lhasa Apso: I love this breed, especially jet black ones with shiny black eyes. They look so cute, warm and welcoming. Their look is bewildering when they shake their beautiful tresses and when you move your fingers on them. That silky smooth touch cannot be described in words, as if your fingers are pampering your own jet black tresses.

Lhasa Apso index

3. Black Mercedes Benz: The class, look & feel of this dream machine is just out of this world. I have always secretly nurtured this desire of possessing a Merc at some point of my life, but it will be very difficult to convince my folks… I want a black one. Their response would be: Not again! But now sharing this post with them would make my task easier. Black Mercedes lifts your persona beyond measures, when you step out, you wish everybody was watching you.

Mercedez images

4.Black Granite Kitchen: As home-maker, blogger, I spend long hours in kitchen and I look forward to having Black granite all over kitchen so that the colour of my crockery, utensils, gadgets, even veggies comes out in sharp contrast. Black granite gives classy look to the kitchen and lifts your mood to work in the kitchen, even when you are in no mood to be there.


5. Black Clouds: I want to visit one such place where I can have close view of Black clouds interspersed with white ones as black covers, white uncovers and you get sharp contrast milieu. I think the sight will be mesmerizing when I will chase the black clouds running from here to there in an open field. Aimless wandering, never ending chase, surrounded by nature’s black bed-sheet, do I ask for more. What a break it would be from moronic corporate life, where you have black laptops, black mobiles, black spread sheets…black coffee to keep you awake on your desk.

Black clouds index

This is my take of black…what say?

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

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