Honeymoon in Bali, that was not to be…Now on 20th Anniversary of Marriage!

Bali has been a dream destination for me, I have always yearned to visit Bali for some reason since 1995 (since my marriage) but that was not to be. The history, the culture, the beaches, the temples, the wild-life, the waterfalls and the shopping has always fascinated me in Bali. It is a complete package for the wanderer, adventurer, worshipper and shopper in me. I am planning my second honeymoon to Bali with the help of skyscanner.com.


If exclusivity is synonymous with Bali, Simplicity is the key to Skyscanner…

Selecting a destination is easy, but planning for one on our own is quite a task. It is like testing your patience…all through! Right from selecting cheap flights to selecting good hotel is quite a daunting task, sometimes I have to drop the idea of travel in want of time required to plan for the trip. Somehow I am not being fan of package tours where you are tied down by the time and fixed itenery and limited choice of sight-seeing places. I have always planned my own travels be it in India and abroad… & quite a successful ones!
So while thinking of complete package trip in 20th year of marriage, nothing could have been better than planning my trip with Skyscanner. The journey of searching cheap and best flights, wonderful budget hotels and sight-seeing with Skyscanner was just so easy, I felt as if I had a Gini with me, who was at my command. I would like to use this platform to thank skyscanner team and CEO Gareth Williams for putting up such wonderful search engine for travellers and busy professionals like me, who loves to travel but hard on time to plan for it.

I started my search for the cheap flight as I am based out of Mumbai and need to fly to Bali, Indonesia. After filling the dates of travel and destination details, I had a host of options before me of flights offering very competitive rates. I zeroed in for Malaysian Air flight to fly on October 24th and return on October 30th, 2014. The price of ticket is unbelievable…at just Rs. 34,000 approx. considering the fact that I have only Rs. One Lakh for my entire trip. The price of ticket was indeed a big motivation for moving ahead with my travel plans…

…Now I instructed my Gini (Skyscanner.co.in) to get me a good hotel which is in my budget and provide me some exquisite experience at the same time. Giving my fetish for good hotels and that too at a good price, I thought it will be difficult for Gini, but Lo & behold! I had host of hotels, resorts and places of stay at my disposal. I started looking at them one by one, now it was my turn to be confused. So I began the daunting task of screening the hotels, but on Skyscanner this journey was smooth beyond my imagination. The hotels listed had all the details including price details. In no time, I zeroed in to a hotel which looked quite impressive and was in my budget too…& that was Garden View Cottage, in Ubud which is located in the cool lush Central Highlands of Bali famed for its arts and crafts. Just south of Ubud, buffered by the Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the enchanting village of Nyuh Kuning Garden View looks like a haven of peace and harmony. Surrounded by shimmering fields edged by greenful gardens and home of refreshing “Mango Blue” Swimming pool looks like ‘the’ place for my stay in Bali. The package cost was unbelievable, Rs. 26,000 for entire six days, what a deal – incredible! I am delighted to the core.


Though a true-blue Mumbaikar, and a regular user of public transport, I don’t use public transport ever for any of my trips, as venture out for the much needed break from using public transport. Now it was time for me to check on Car rentals which I find most expensive part in any trip be it in India or abroad. This will cost me around Rs. 6000 maximum, this way it accommodates my husband’s flight ticket too and big budget for shopping for my home and my darling daughter Tanyaa and her host of sisters & friends.

So I am off to Bali, are you?

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