Afghan Snow for Naani, Garnier BB for Maani!!!!

My naani ( Grand Maa) who was blessed with gorgeous looks owing to her almond peaches complexion and flaw-less skin, which always made me wonder as a child what is the secret of this look. Curious that I was and am asked her one day, “Naani what is there in the royal blue bottle which you apply on your face every morning and your skin radiates”? She excitedly told me , “Afghan Snow which makes my skin shine, I will never stop using this.” I wondered when I will grow up to use Afghan Snow to have flawless skin like hers, with time naani passed away so did Afghan Snow.

My memories of my naani and her Afghan Snow became vivid when I received Garnier BB Cream from indiblogger team few days back.


Now a quick updated on my skin. I have the most difficult skin on the globe, though it doesn’t look that difficult but it has all the elements which have troubled me no end as a young adult, adult and when I am not so young or even adult. Having lived in Delhi, weather was the biggest truant, winters were harsh, they made it dry, summers were sweaty, they made it sticky, it was a challenge to maintain the perfect skin. Being a media professional, the demands of job were high, required travel, long and stressful work hours with the topping of dreadful deadlines, all of which took heavy toll on my skin-care regimen. But I was not the one to give up so soon…I tried every possible remedy available in my kitchen…milk, cream, butter, curd, besan, honey, eggs, tulsi, nutmeg, almonds…what not!!

What to say of stocking host of creams, lotions, moisturizers, lactos, ayurvedic creams, rejuvenating creams, whitening creams, wrinkle-free creams, gold creams, cold creams bought from neighbourhood cosmetic store to Harrod’s in London. Needless to mention I spent a bomb here. Finally I gave up and decided to move around with god’s gift. But was I happy? No way!!!


One day chanced upon POP in my favourite cosmetic store which looked like god sent going by the description and sales girl’s enthusiasm about the product: Garnier B B Cream. I asked her, “What does BB Stand for”, she replied, “Blemish Balm”, so it’s a balm? I questioned. She took immense pain to convince me that it is the most appropriate product for me as it will makes my skin look perfect, fairer, glowing…what not. Though I did not buy it then but BB cream got stuck in my psyche – may be, may be not. Till I was delivered Garnier BB Cream at my doorsteps and I was super excited to use it next morning before going to office. The texture of the cream was smooth, even like foundation, smelled good and most importantly blended well with my dusky complexion.

When I reached office, my colleague Sarika quipped, “Aaj to aap chamak rahe ho”. I knew it worked and worked well. Since them I am hooked to it. Now I have made it part of my daily make up routine as I am ready for office in no time and move out confidently with my fairer, glowing, even-toned and moisturized skin. I couldn’t have been happier with my skin. It has drastically cut down on the time I spent in front of the mirror in the effort of perfecting my skin. I know I have the skin with Garnier BB cream which I have always longed for.

Husband is thinking…How come I am happier going to office & younger coming back from office?
Daughter is wondering…What has happened to my forever hassled Maani (Maa)?
Me…Loving all the attention!
A word about BIG BEN (B B) of Creams!

New BB cream, Miracle Skin Perfector, is all in one cream, which saves time – in just one application brighten, smoothen and moisturizes the skin. This contains SPF 24 which provides UVA/UVB Protection and contains Vitamin C derivatives known to have anti-oxidant properties. Enriched with mineral pigments, BB Cream instantly beautifies the skin. It lets skin breathe it is an 8H moisturizing formula with Almond extract.
Must have to maintain your beauty regimen with:

4 thoughts on “Afghan Snow for Naani, Garnier BB for Maani!!!!”

  1. Your Naani reminds me of my grandma! She still uses it!!!But its difficult to find it here and only a few shops have it. Its smell quickly reminds me of my Chaiji(Grandma).I thought only my chaiji uses it in the entire world!! Great to have stumbled upon your blog 🙂

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