Chaos Down Under: Ekkees Topon ki Salaami!!!!!

1. Chaos is the protagonist the book titled Chaos Down Under by Nishant Kaushik which has played havoc in Nakul Kapoor’s life who has handled all the sticky situations in his life with élan.

2. The book is seriously hilarious to the core, with some very serious undercurrents of sarcasm on today’s corporate life.

3. I followed start to finish schedule as could not take my eyes off the book which truly lives upto its name – Chaos Down Under.

4. The book provides subtle glimpses of corporate life, particularly those of IT Companies and I could relate well as I am being integral part of one such company for last many years. Thus know what goes on there.


5. Book keeps you gasping for more…what next? What will unfold in Nakul Kapoor’s life next moment?? How is he going to handle the rig-marole??? His character sketch of a typical Project Leader in an IT company with MBA from average B-school, his above average looks, ambitions, insecurities ( official & love life), aspirations, stress and time management skills, all these have been displayed by Nakul to the hilt. Thus making him the most endearing character. He seems to be one around us.

6. Chirayu Chaudhury as Nakul’s conniving, shrewd, power hungry, attention and credit grabber boss…though he is a great trouble-shooter and humane too, provides another dimension to the story. Nakul’s and Chirayu’s interaction are quite convincing, when he says something and means something else. We do have such bosses…I am fortunate not to have one like him, my boss would make Nakul turn green with envy. I laughed my heart out on Nakul calling him, “Son of a gun”.

7. Book has been very tightly written and is indeed a cut above the rest. I read all 279 pages in one shot (barring few necessary breaks) which is very unlikely of me doing this for any book. This certainly takes the cake.

8. Chaos Down Under dwells deeply into the Corporate life which is full of insecurities, jealousies, politics, back-biting, strange colleagues, typical bosses, trophy HR and redundant administration. The goof –up regarding guest house booking is a leaf from our lives.

9. Book efficiently explores psyche of Nakul Kapoor who seems to be faltering in whatever he undertakes, be it his love life or official life, but makes it up all owing to his leadership and decision-making abilities which he deftly displays in handling of Australian client Jerry and Lex guys.

10. Mehek’s character looked to me quite insipid…she has no colours. Why would a boy like Nakul would fall for her? Just because she is a pretty face? She is not even a patch on the histrionics of Nakul rather suits best for the Raymond man moreover 180 degree spin in her feeling in the end towards Nakul are quite abrupt, making the end quite predictable.

11. Episode of luncheon with Mehek’s parents is too far-fetched, disturbs the pace of the book. I was almost on the verge of giving up…

12. Character of Mr Gupta (Mehek’s father) is of a typical police officer, but interactions between him and Nakul are nothing to talk home about. Why would a girl’s parents agree to lunch with her boss without any ulterior motive?

13. When Chirayu Chaudhury and Nakul Kapoor were putting their team together, I was dead sure…Chaos would rule the roost. They are so disjointed, disconnected which makes it quite a task for Nakul to bring them on the same page. Radha, Akshat, Dharmesh, Mehek, Sameer make it quite a team though. They are so different yet are bound by a common thread (Nakul). Suspense persists…

14. Bytesphere is one typical IT Company where HR just follows rules without applying any logic. The most critical goof-up is calling up their own employee for interview seeing his CV on monster. Great going…

15. The names of the chapters need special mention – Curry Boys, Kati Patang, Benetton, Jordan, Marlon Pacino, CNBC report and Skin & Bone…

16. Marlon Pacine takes the cake in-absentia for adding to the chaos in Nakul’s life, if anything could have given shivers to Nakul, it was Marlon Pacino which was created from nowhere, (would have) landed Nakul nowhere, well almost!!!

17. The description of Pat and Mike by Chirayu, “Two dogs were more like to bite first, then bark in delight later” is quite apt. Suresh Shah, treating him as Service Boy and develops fondness for him …happens!!

18. Acronym SLUT: Strategic Labour Utilization Tracker couldn’t have been more appropriate and Chirayu’s fixation with Status reports is quite understandable.

19. Though project is quite technical in nature but can be understood well by non-technical or so to say even by techards.

20. I did not miss reading a single line, forget about skipping pages. Language is very lucid and contemporary and depicts Nakul’s mind set well who loves to speak his mind, follows the dictum of work hard, party harder, loves Mehek, adores Radha, Akshat, Dharmesh, despises Sameer and maintains a love-hate relationship with Chirayu. Though his love life could have been handled better…

21. Instances like Radha taking Bali for Pali, Eva turning out to be Jerry’s wife (who certainly ups sex-quotient), Nakul’s mis-adventure in a Spa, Jerry & Nakul’s horse riding sufficiently add spice to this deliciously cooked recipe served on a Corporate platter.

Chaos Down Under – My Ekkees Topon ki Salaami!!!
– Review by Bienu Verma Vaghela

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3 thoughts on “Chaos Down Under: Ekkees Topon ki Salaami!!!!!”

  1. You are so good at writing reviews. i can read like hell but when it comes to writing review, I get nervous. I still have to complete my review 🙂 Will steal some ideas form yours..haha…open cheating!

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