“The one who tells the stories rules the world.” Native American proverb

With Kids Hut series, I could not help going back to the memories of my late father who was a master story teller and indeed ruled my world, the world full of fairies, toys, gardens, toffees, and frocks and of course dreams. Watching stories like “Fox and the Sour grapes” and The goose that laid the golden eggs brought back the vivid memories of my childhood in mid sixties when world was nowhere close what it is today particularly for children. Innocence and ignorance held the key and curiosity ruled the roost. There were so many questions which remained unanswered but there was a quest to seek more and more. Our world was limited to our parents, grandparents, school, friends, neighbours…life was so limited but simply beautiful like Tofu and Tia.


As 3-4 years old, we will keenly await for the bed-time stories by our father after finishing our home work and back-packing for next morning. Papa was ready with new stories everyday which composed of fables, stories, mythology, adventure, Ramayana, Mahabharata…Panchtantra ki Kahaniyan…what not!

He will start narrating his story but not without asking what happened in the school that day. He would narrate the story with such panache that we would transcend into the world of those characters and times. My favourite story would always be with some moral in the end. As tiny little girl (shortest in the class) I will always look for excuses for not being able to do well in sports. This is when my father narrated me this story of Fox and the Sour grapes which gives me inspiration till today. The story has a fox that finds herself in the grapes orchard and is quite tempted to have them. She makes few attempts to reach the grapes but gives up in the end telling herself that “Grapes are Sour” thus closing all her options of eating grapes. The moral of the story is never give up so easily so that your options are closed. Try, try and you shall succeed.


Another story which inspired me no end was “The goose that laid the golden eggs” which father narrated us quite often and just loved his narration. Being ambitious is good, being greedy is not. The moral of the story is that greed should not overtake you. You should enjoy whatever life has to offer in measures and not have it all in one go. In this story, the man saves the money and buys a goose which laid golden eggs. Man makes big fortune but one day greed struck and he wanted to have it all in one day. He killed the goose to remove all eggs in one day, but that was not to be. Now he had nothing.
All children must chuck their video games, mobiles, play stations to watch above stories which are so delightful and inspirational. I must say watching these stories transcended me to my early childhood memories like Tofu.
I wish my father was alive to narrate these stories to my children and grand children.

These stories are indeed intoxicating, which App can induce sleep in a child or even in an adult? I wish I could reverse the time machine and travel back to those times of innocent, inspirational and intoxicating bed time stories.

This post is a part of Kids Hut activity at BlogAdda.com.

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