Authentic Chinese Food in Malaysia

My biggest worry in Malaysia was how I will manage with food for my 10-days long stay there, given the picky eater that I am! But my worries eased when I reached there under expert guidance of Malaysia Tourism’s guide Mr Jeevan who treated us to many authentic fares and best of cuisines available there. One restaurant which would have mention on my blog is Spring Garden in Putrajaya. Putrajaya houses the official residences/ offices of Prime Minister, Ministers and Bureaucracy of Malaysia. It’s beauty just cannot be described in words, no words are enough.  It looked to me like being in Switzerland. Here we were taken to this restaurant situated on the brink of a water body, its interiors were oriental and exteriors were like back waters of Kerala. Indeed perfect setting for savouring most authentic Chinese meal, we could ever think of. Cordial staff served us unique dishes made of Prawns, Chicken, Sushi, Momos, Hakka Noodles, smoke dressed vegetables, mushroom & chicken soup…what not!

I could not resist clicking few pictures for my readers, I present here choicest one:

 Don’t miss going to Spring Garden in Putrajaya, while in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3 thoughts on “Authentic Chinese Food in Malaysia”

  1. Hey Bienumv,
    I feel like swathing my palate with the wonderful array of dishes you’ve managed to click for us. I’m sure you had a wonderful time there. Seems like an idle destination for a fun- packed holiday!

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