I was born a daughter, became a sister, went to school to be a student, joined workforce to be a working professional, got married to be wife and blessed to a mother oh! yea…blogger too…life came to a full circle. I don’t think any other role is left for me except for being a mother-in-law to a dashing son-in-law and in career, to be a part of change and last but not the least to author a book. The Ands in my life changed with its stage, as I was growing up, I knew I have to play many roles in one life. As goes the saying, life is lived in various stages and in different life stages we play different roles.


As a woman, playing so many roles with élan has been a challenge, given the fact that I am a Sagittarian who looks for panache in whatever I do, AND I want to achieve it with sincerity. So many ANDs and so little time, as I was barely settling in the role of a daughter, I had to take up the additional role of elder sister, just getting accustomed to that, stepped into the role of a student, as soon as I passed out, the role of MEDIA professional was bestowed on me. In this phase of life, barring the role of a student, all roles were to be played simultaneously. An obedient daughter, loving sister, dedicated professional…it looked quite a task…till marriage happened AND voila! What a trapeze act it became where I was balancing aspirations and expectations of two families, besides handling difficult husband and demanding in-laws.

This way I developed multi-dimensional perspective to my roles, which has actually made me quite multi-faceted. I slipped into every role with ease…like fish takes to water. When I am in office, I am a thorough media professional, juggling my day amidst meetings, conferences, media-tie-ups, writing, editing…what not. When I reach home, my home becomes my world, shrunk to being a wife, home – maker, mother which has its own huge demands. Husband wants time, children want attention, parents want care, and this is our day to day life. Amidst all this and much more, I stepped into one more role – BLOGGER, balancing my follower’s expectations, always yearning for something unique for my readers, followers.


I would not refrain from mentioning that I have had no Sunday outing in last 2 – years as these evenings are reserved for blogging. Do I view this as a sacrifice? Not really! But achieving all this was not easy at all. There were incessant struggles, oppositions, challenges, opportunities and threats too! Today when blogadda gave us this opportunity, my life is moving before my eyes like a show-reel that how I transformed from a dreamy teenager, to a thorough professional to a perfect wife, to a doting mother, loved blogger. Wasn’t it all daunting? Yes it was. Many a times I thought – Give Up! Getting too much on me. But I survived all this and I am glad that I not only survived, I conquered. I have always taken pride in the fact that may be I am the chosen one for all these roles…
…as a woman.


I believe no role should be taken lightly as we have to play all our roles responsibly. Besides, we have a duty towards ourselves also which includes keeping ourselves alive and kicking, pay attention to our looks, keep ourselves fighting fit for our family and other people around us.

I would like to share my life altering incident with the readers; my father died all of sudden by a massive heart-attack at the young age of 48, just few days after Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984. World came crashing down for us, I a college going teenager, brother still in school and heart-broken mother. Life changed in a jiffy, from a carefree teenager, with aims of studying Journalism in London, we were left with no means of survival even. Suddenly, world started looking a strange place. Being eldest in the family, I took the reins, joined a job of a school teacher, continued my studies and educated my brother. Today both of us are well-placed professionals. That time life gave me two options, take up the challenge, fight it out OR get married and move on. Today I am glad I exercised first one, faced incessant struggle which lasted for many years, but today I am a happy woman. I have left my past behind. I firmly believe Life is a combination of WINSOME, LOOSESOME…it is not mathematics. You have to take it in your stride.

I was lucky that I did not have to choose between OR and AND, as I had very good support systems and a cooperative family who shaped multi-dimensional aspect of my personality. I never had to turn down any opportunity in want of either this or that. I have used #UseYourAnd to the hilt. Though it was real trapeze act where the fear of falling down from the height was constant companion, but I never gave up. I have never said to myself, I will either do this, OR do that, it has always been like…Yeh Dil Maange More! No ANDs in life can limit me, my spirit. I want to wrap up so much in one life, because we live only once, make most of it. As a mother I always tell my daughter, take up as much as you can, God has chosen you for so many roles, play your part well. Then only your life is worth living and worth sharing. Indeed proud to be a woman, proud to be an achiever.

“This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus”.

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