Cornito Food Bloggers Meet, Health Bhi, Taste Bhi!!!

I was part of Cornito Food Bloggers Meet during Food & Hospitality Expo on January 24, 2015 and I must say my day was well spent. My culinary skills were put to hard test and I must say it was quite a challenge as I can taste food, I can write about food, I can appreciate food, I can criticize food…but cooking food…not really my cup of tea. But I took up the challenge! & Voila, what an experience it turned out to be competing with experienced food consultants, food professionals, food bloggers, home – makers…with out thinking about anything, I got on to cutting, chopping and was totally confused whether to concentrate on decoration, dressing, toppoings, taste, health …what?

Then I decided that it should be dash of everything and came up with some good looking decoction. I must say CORNITOS had provided with all possible toppings right from bell peppers, corns, sprouts, alfa alfa, parsley, red-chilli sauce, myonnees cheese, butter, ketchup, mustard sauce…which we need to use by selecting two Nacho flavours – Olive & Herbs and Thai Sweet Chilli – why this odd combination?

Most important thing on my mind was my recipe should look tempting and nutritious and healthy for all family members. I tried various permutations and combinations and prepared a dish which had all healthy ingredients with tangy taste.

I named it Nacho Delights – with base line – Health bhi, taste bhi!!!
Our culinary skills were judged by none other than Celebrity Chef Shipra Khanna and I was delighted to have her around. I forgot all about contest, I was just admiring her all through. I must say she was very friendly and modest to the core. She gave very wonderful tips. I walked away with tropy and hamper from Cornitos. My day was made!

I must thank staff of CORNITO staff who had organised the Meet and were very organised and cordial.

Look forward to more such participation. It gave me a new high…

My husband and daughter commented…cook something like this for us too!


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