The well planned city of Lavasa in Maharashtra, is hosting its first ever music festival ‘The Lost Party’. The three day music festival has partnered with Saavn, making it the music streaming service’s first live IP partnership. The festival, which is to be held from 6 to 8 March has been organized by a group of avid music festival attendees and ‘non-corporate janta’, says one of the core team festival organizers Pratik Agarwal.


In his own words, “We are a bunch of non-corporate general janta, who regularly go to music festivals in India and abroad, and we thought why not have our own festival? A music festival is not just a festival; it is a multi-stage music experience. Music is an umbrella at a fest, and there are so many other activities a festival goer can participate in and enjoy. We want to create a Burning Man sort of an experience here in Asia.”


The Lost Party is the culmination of art expressed via various mediums. It is a call to the wanderer in you to come and explore the world of creativity. It is an invitation to your soul to get in touch with the frequencies that resonate throughout this universe. It is an experience that you will be raving about for months. Organized from 6-8 March, it serves as the perfect getaway for people to enjoy their Holi weekend at the festival.

The Lost Party Experience
To make The Lost Party outstanding in its own right, the organizing team has come up with interesting ideas. With ‘Drunches’, the festival-goer will have access to music, food and drinks even before the festival starts. While artistes are performing on the two stages, the other artistes will go around the venue with their instrument and just start playing and interacting with the audience, via ‘Busking’. There is another interesting concept that they have come up with, in the form of ‘Rent- A- Pool.’ They are giving festival-goers inflatable pools, so that they can have a pool party at the festival. The festival is for two nights and three days, and the last day is basically a chill-out day. This comes from the experience of going mad just recovering from a fest.

The Trilok Gurtu touch

Trilok Gurtu

The Lost Party boasts an impressive, interesting and varied artiste line-up. They have Australian swing house duo Yolanda Be Cool as headliners, Pig&Dan, Nucleya, Prem Joshua, Twilight Players, Martin Roth, Trilok Gurtu, Dualist Inquiry, Avial, Reggae Rajahs, Kohra, Neha Bhasin, Vasuda Sharma and more. Amongst them, quite exciting is The Turbans and Rico Loop Live. Even Trilok Gurtu, who seldom performs at music festivals is part of the fest and is a true-hearted gypsy. Everyone has a gypsy inside of them, and organizers want to bring it out through The Lost Party by having Trilok Gurtu show.
English folk-rock singer-songwriter Michael David Rosenberg, well known under his stage name Passenger is likely to be part of the fest. An online campaign asking people to tweet about why they want Passenger to come to India, tagging The Lost Party and Passenger and using the hashtag, #LetHerGo is on.

The Lost Party is also affiliated with networks like Google, Bookmyshow, Zomato and Saavn as a part of their social marketing. Moreover, organizers have also roped in Scoop Whoop, Miss Malini, Festival Sherpa and others. As a part of their digital outreach, they have started campaigning The Lost Party on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and Pinterest.


Source: http://www.radioandmusic.com

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