Messiah for Baby’s Massage! Dabur Baby massage Oil!!!

My baby is no longer a baby, but we as mothers love babies, who doesn’t?

When the opportunity came for reviewing Dabur Baby Massage Oil – Almonds & Olives, and sharing it with my family and friends, I did not let it go off my hand. My sister Rinku who had come to spend the last leg of her vacation with us here in Mumbai with her 13 – month old son – Gauransh, whom we fondly address as Gannu, provided me the first opportunity. When I told her about this Oil for Gannu’s maalish, Rinku shared with me that she uses Johnson baby oil in summers and Dabur Lal Tel in winters for Gannu’s maalish. She also told me that she has to check Gannu’s mood before preparing him for the massage, as he becomes cranky if he is not in mood. When I told her about Dabur Baby Massage Oil – Olive & Almond for babies, she was little skeptical about using it in summers considering the hot properties of Dabur lal Tel. But here her trust for the brand Dabur came in handy otherwise it is very difficult to make a mom switch in favour of another brand. My task became easier, particularly when I told her that you can use it round the year. Now we looked forward to next morning for Gannu’s massage followed by bath. House looked like as if there was a ceremony happening with Gannu and Dabur baby massage oil. Gannu was as it is happier in Mumbai from the sweltering heat of Delhi and Kanpur.


Rinku found the aroma of oil to be very soothing and texture of the oil very smooth. The oil was just flowing on his body smoothly and it was not at all sticky. While massaging, she was sharing with me that a good oil massage keeps baby away from so many ailments and plays an important role in development of baby’s body. Hence she never misses Gannu a massage…touch wood Gannu is such a cutie pie. After the massage, bath and lunch, Gannuji went off for a sound sleep and we were happy that we sisters will get some exclusive time to chit chat. Busy chatting, we did not realize, how much time had elapsed. Rinku found Gannu sleeping for a slighter longer duration, which made me slightly concerned. But Gannuji woke up after some time & voila he was so active and cheerful.


I thanked my stars and of course Dabur Baby Massage Oil which had done the trick. Rinku was happy too and now she wanted to know what is so special about this oil brought out especially for babies like hers. She was delighted to know that this massage oil is perfect for baby’s delicate skin as it is deviod of any strong and artificial aromas, harmful parabens and parafins with the topping of natural goodness of olive and almond oil. Happily Rinku took along the oil with her.

Now it was time to share it with my niece’s daughter Saanvi, slightly over one year, hyper energetic & bubbly who gives hard time to her mother Shilpi as she runs away whenever she sees oil in her mom’s hands. I told Saanvi, Mom will be using this oil for your massage and she immediately grabbed the box from my hand. Probably she liked the cover – packaging and bottle of the Dabur Baby massage oil – Almond & Olive. After a small chase, she agreed for massage, and trust me she enjoyed the massage by me like never before. I kept showing her the box and she was enjoying it every bit. Now it was my time to experience the oil on my granddaughter, a job I was doing nearly after 17 years. To add here, I am quite a massage freak, getting messages from aromatic oils brought from Bangkok and Kual Lumpur are my perennial favorites, but giving it to a hyper child like Saanvi was quite a task. Indeed experienced the #FirstLove activity on our first granddaughter. I found oil having very silky texture with strong aroma of Almonds and Olive, which I think Saanvi also loved, which according to me are the two most important aspects in good massage oil. Also it should be devoid of harmful chemicals which may create rashes on baby’s delicate skin. In Saanvi’s case the story reversed, after massage, bath and lunch, Saanviji wanted to go for a swim in the resort. Somehow we persuaded her not to venture out in this heat.


Highlights of Dabur Baby Massage Oil:
1. Attractive packaging & packing
2. Silky – smooth texture
3. Almond – Olive Aroma
4. No Paraben & Paraffin
5. Dermatologically tested

Could you ask for more?

Here I would like to thank Rinku & Shilpi for their enthusiasm for Dabur Baby Massage Oil.

I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of Olive & Almond for the #FirstLove Activity at Blogadda.

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