Mumbai Monsoon…Uff Yummaaaa!! Limeroad Monsoon…Muaaaaaahhh!

After living nearly 25 years of my life in Delhi, when I came to Mumbai, I was super-excited coming to city of dreams, city of Bollywood, city of working professionals, city of theatre lovers…above all city of shoppers. I loved to shop, dress then and love to do the same even now…

Coming back to monsoons, I was in for a rude shock when I saw rains for the first time in Mumbai, and what a monsoon…it rained for 4 days together paralysing the whole city, leaving people home bound for days together. This was my first brush with “Mumbai-ki-Barsaat”!

Honestly I hate rains, I find nothing romantic about it particularly if you are out in Mumbai which becomes all green on top and muddle pool at the bottom. Car drive is a nightmare with all those puddles, potholes, incessant traffic jams, huge pedestrian crowds…it is a total menace all over. Whatever it is but importance of Mumbai rains cannot be undermined, Mumbai gets water round the year, courtesy these monsoons. So we love them, we have to love them. Over a period of time, I have learnt to live with them, and have started enjoying monsoons which bring such big relief to Mumbaikars from scorching heat of March –April – May. And the most depressing part is that your dressing gets a big beating, style quotient goes for a toss and you are left with feeling more depressed!

Not anymore! With Limeroad’s stylish & tasteful collection especially for monsoons, I could devise a trendy look for myself which not only made me look perfect for the occasion (read monsoons) but lifted my spirits too! Limeroad’s passion for fashion is mind-blowing across all categories be it dresses, accessories like neck-pieces, glares, jumpsuits, flip-flops…clutches, sling-bags, satchels. I wouldn’t have been happier. I will surely advice all my friends to pamper their style quotient with awesome monsoon collection from which has something for every woman.

I just could not take my eyes off from the collection which will certainly make my monsoon in Mumbai different, I invested not less than 5-hours looking at each and every piece which caught my fancy for selecting the look for my readers. And biggest thing of all, the pricing is quite pocket-friendly! You can get pieces at as low as 249 Rupees for beautiful flip-flops. You can have enlarged views of all the products where you can check colours, embellishments, fabric, and texture of the product. So what are you thinking? Have your fill!!!

You can take tips from the Style – File I have created from Limeroad collection.

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