A TRIVENI of ethnicity, modernity & creativity!!!

नारी व्हिच साड़ी है या साड़ी व्हिच नारी है

Whatever it is, every woman looks pretty in a saree and what if saree is from the collection of Triveni Ethnics. You must be wondering what am I talking about. It all started from an invite from Surat based Triveni Ethnics for a bloggers meet in Bandra, Mumbai.

Little back drop to the story…
…I received a mail from Triveni Sarees from Surat requesting to be a part of Bloggers Meet in Mumbai on July 11, Saturday. I wondered all through, how they came to know about me? And this prompted me to call the mail sender – Nupur who authenticated the mail. Travelling to such a distance to an unknown destination is quite a task especially on weekends; still it remained in my mind. On Saturday I nearly dropped the idea of making it to the venue, as it sounded quite weird. It was my daughter who pricked my conscience and said, “Once you have confirmed, then you should go for it.” So I pushed myself to the destination, and landed in Bombay Connect premises. And voila! What an afternoon it turned out to be!

Read on the Saree tale…

Arvind Saraf of Triveni Ethnics, an IITian & MITian behind the famous ethnic wear brand welcomed us warmly and introduced to the world of Triveni Sarees. There was a display of wide and varied saree collection, though venue was quite small, still we saree freaks did not mind. There were certain sarees, of which we could not take our eyes of. The vibrant colours, smooth textures and amalgamation of modern & traditional prints comprised the collection. Oh yes! Triveni Ethnic’s catalogues are something to talk home about, beautifully & creatively crafted, all of us fancied them. Indeed Triveni is a world in itself where grace, dignity and identity are expressed through the vibrancy of their collection of sarees, lehengas, kurtis, anarkalis…what not. The collection is any woman’s dream; it has something for everyone irrespective of age, profession or occasion. You just have to take your pick from the collection.

When I told Arvind, that women seldom buy Sarees by the brand, isn’t this a challenge for Saree brand like Triveni? Arvind replied, “The trend is changing. Ladies are becoming more conscious about the name which brings in trust and our E-commerce platform is ample proof of that. We ship around 1000 sarees per day to not only various cities in India but also abroad.” He added, “For using E-commerce platform ladies are migrating from unorganized saree retailers to the branded ones. They are shopping from the comfort from their homes and they want to go with the brand on which they can lay their trust on besides liking the design, colour and fabric etc.”

Talking about the strong On-line presence of Triveni group, Arvind told us,  “TriveniSarees.com was setup in 2011 – to take the fabulous Triveni collection worldwide, online and a few clicks away. ‘Iness’ took our leanings with designer wear with the aim of creating a viable online market for them, and ‘Hues & Vibes’ is Triveni’s foray in home & kitchen linen. Triveni Labs was setup in 2015 to share Triveni’s learnings about technology innovation for SMEs & e-Commerce to a wider audience.”

We bloggers particularly liked the Art –Silk collection of sarees which had very interesting heritage patterns but synthetic saree collection did not excite me in particular barring just one saree in black and beige pattern. May be because of their loud colours and bold patterns. But yes, fabric is the star of all Triveni sarees. There we no Lehengas in the collection so we cannot write about them. Hope they conduct one workshop exclusively for their Lehenga collection which looked to me quite exquisite on their website. Every bride would want one on her special day.

Session ended with an interesting saree draping workshop where many trendy styles were shown to us. May be next time we try one of those style for our special outing…

After a long time, my interest was revived in sarees…

courtesy: http://www.triveniethnics.com.

2 thoughts on “A TRIVENI of ethnicity, modernity & creativity!!!”

  1. Parul I have mentioned about you to Mr Saraf that you are active participant in #100SareePact. If they are in Bangalore, they will touch base with you.

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