Istanbul, Turkey not only a tourist destination, but a Convention Hot Spot too!

My colleague Trupti Sharma was in Istanbul, Turkey from August 13-15, 2015 for CREDAI’s National Convention of ( CREDAI – NATCON, 2015).


Visit Istanbul in pictures shared by my lovely colleague Trupti Sharma.

Real Estate Developers which was attended by nearly 1000 Indian developers which was held at hotel Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel. My colleagues shared with me that Istanbul was a great destination for Convention kind of events for its professionalism and experience in handling such events. No wonder Istanbul has been named Best MICE Destination Europe at the Business Destination Travel Awards after groundwork prepared by the Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau (ICVB). A magnet for dynamic and talented people from around the world, Istanbul is the ideal meetings and conventions destination with its vibrancy, modernity, top-notch infrastructure and enviable geographical position.


Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest covered markets in the world – people have been trading here since the 15th century – and its 5,000 shops are a dazzling riot of colours, sounds and aromas. While the bazaar is part of Istanbul’s remarkable heritage, its present-day reality features retailing of a different kind: 105 shopping malls, and enough luxury fashion brand outlets to take on the Champs-Elysees. The new Istanbul is a city of spectacular infrastructure projects, a burgeoning financial centre, free-trade zones and investment incentives, and growth in modern industry sectors from life sciences to telecoms.


Much of the current infrastructure investment is around transport – including a third bridge over the Bosphorus strait linking Europe and Asia, due to open this year, which will be the world’s longest combined motorway and railway bridge. A double-deck ‘Euro-Asia’ motorway tunnel under the seabed is also under construction. The trans-Bosphorus metro tunnel, which opened late 2013, has already seen more than 50 million people travel through.


However, stealing the limelight from these projects is what is expected to be one of the world’s largest airports, with six runways and an eventual annual capacity of 150 million passengers – the world’s largest by passenger volume. Istanbul Grand airport is scheduled to open in 2018, and will feature four terminals, parking for 500 aircraft (and 70,000 cars), hotels and a convention centre.

 With all these features in its kitty, Istanbul is indeed a great destination to be in – be as a tourist or as MICE participant.

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