Blogadda #WIN 15 – Won many a hearts!

After a long dry spell of nearly a month, it started raining profusely on the weekend of 19-20th September which brought cheer to all Mumbaikars. But considering Mumbai rains, roads & traffic, I was quite sceptical whether I would be able to make it to most awaited event for bloggers – #WIN15. The rains were just not stopping and my fear was growing…


On the rainy morning of September 20, I left from my home for beautiful drive to J W Marriot Sahar, only to be warmly welcomed by Shrushti and other team members of Blogadda at the registration counter. As I entered, I was asked to record my expectations from the event. I felt like a celebrity for the moment! In many years, I have not been so thrilled like I was for #WIN15 event, felt like a college going teenager, and why not it was an occasion to celebrate blogging!

The day started with sumptuous breakfast which I enjoyed very much on the Sunday’s rainy morning amidst so many bloggers friends and must mention my old blogger friend – Sunita Rajawade. The session started with a very warm young energetic host, none other than Siddharth Kannan who kept us in splits all through. His unique description of speakers created lot of curiosity amidst bloggers. Speakers like Laxmi Praturi who gave us some real invaluable insights from her experience on writing and blogging, Blogger from Bangladesh Rezwan Islam who shared with us how much life is difficult for bloggers in Bangladesh. Harini Calamur shared with us how we can take our blogs to places with digital marketing strategies, Ajay Jain of Kunzum Café for whom life is all about travelling shared his experiences and inspired one and all present to travel, travel and more travel.

The lunch was exotic, especially the decorative line up of cakes.
Oh yes! The workshops by Ajay Jain and Natasha Badhwar are really to talk home about. Ajay Jain elaborated on how we can monetize our blog and he really gave us some invaluable tips in his own inimitable style. His workshop kept us hooked for over an hour. His friendly ways inspired us to ask many questions.

Natasha Badhwar, celebrity columnist workshop had taken me back to my Journalism student days where we were given tasks to think and write. She dwelled on some real unthinkable aspects of writing and why do we shy away from writing and how do we overcome that.


In the evening we were again with our favourite host for the evening Siddharth Kannan. He started Awards ceremony with élan but was disappointed to note that many distinguished guest did not make it. More disappointing was the fact that many of the winners too did not make it.


So event looked somewhat hollow but a great discussion between celebrity Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, who is a celebrated blogger too and Natasha Badhwar made up for the evening.

Now was the time for book launch Game of Blogs where we too had participated as a team Wordoholics, but could not make it. Though I have very few regrets in life and one among those would be – Losing GAME OF BLOGS – I fondly remembered my team mates – Gitanjali, Parul, Remya, Dipanjan and Anunoy!

Over all day was well – spent! The event was nicely and lavishly put together by Nirav, Harish, Shrusti in fact entire blogadda team. The most important aspect was that #WIN15 was trending at no.1 spot that morning and kudos for the digital team of blogadda which had phenomenally contributed to create big buzz around the event.

Happy with a blogger friend Sunita Rajwade.
Happy with a blogger friend Sunita Rajwade.

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