For whom my heart beats!

It was one pleasant January morning of year 2004, when I was awaiting my medical clearance for moving to Canada. Till then I had never ever taken a health report as I considered myself quite healthy who believed only others go to hospital, not me.

Read on to know what happened next.


As expected the bell rang from the lab but there was a shocker for me… I was diagnosed with high blood sugar levels and high BP. That time the only thought which occurred to me was that my plans will be in jeopardy of moving to Canada, but it was my husband who said think of your health first. All of 39, world looked different for me, suddenly from being a happy go lucky woman, healthy, working professional, engaging wife and hands on mother… I was diabetic too. My heart retorted, I just refused to accept that this has happened to me.

A self-confessed foodie, my thought went to the ice creams, desserts, shakes, juices…which I loved on my platter, day after day! Never missed an opportunity to gorge on anything tasty. Most importantly the thought which bothered me was of my young daughter Tanya and doting husband Mukund, how they will cope with this, particularly if this condition spills over and damages my heart too. I was haunted by the thought that life would no longer be the same for me, if at all I am going to live long.

But with my grit and determination towards my condition, I became hale and hearty over a period of time. From my experience I can tell all women that our duty is first towards us, so that we are able to fulfill our duty towards our loved ones. First thing First. I consulted a Diabetologist who cleared few myths surrounding diabetes, that patient is incurable, patient is more prone to heart disease or one  should give up completely on sweets, fruits, drinks, fats, carbs…everything. Doctor gave me a complete diet plan which topsy-turvied my morning schedule. But I stuck to my guns…I have to be fine for my loved ones. My mornings started with jogging, followed by healthy breakfast and lunch and light dinner.

Most importantly, Doctor advised “Switch to Saffola”. Since then I am on that routine and Saffola has been a constant companion. I motivated many of my family and friends to use Saffola. Exercise, walking I still do…but I have become relaxed about food. Blogadda reminded me once again that I have to be healthy. I fully support #ProtectHerHeart initiative of Blogadda and Saffola.

After receiving the mail from Blogadda, I promptly took the “Weight -Heart Test” on Saffola website ( where I was detected with 6% risk of heart ailment where as my husband Mukund is 100% safe, fortunately! So lots need to be achieved as far as I am concerned. We can do many activities together to make the condition more acceptable like morning walk or round of Yoga. As far as food is concerned we are already on near boiled food, raw vegetables, salads, milk, sprouts, low crabs, low starch…which are must to keep my blood sugar levels in control. Now there is a need to take at least a Kilo Meter long walk after dinner, which we should take together. We will start it from tomorrow itself…but does tomorrow ever come? It has to if I have to be fit and fine.

This weekend I plan to join Garba Workshop to make most of the Dandiya Nights this Navratri, this is good for my heart in many ways, physically heart is in good condition and mentally I am happy. Win win situation both ways! Though husband can’t dance to save his life, though a Gujarati.

My husband Mukund very promptly and regularly attends to my diabetes related conditions like monthly blood tests, giving medicines in time, keeping me free for my exercise routine, morning walks, giving up on his favourite Jalebis and Fafdas and switching to Saffola! This is a joint effort indeed to keep ourselves healthy. We have successfully achieved that. As a patient I have received lot of compassion and dedication from my family, and today I am having a healthy lifestyle and an exciting lifestyle.

I request all women to take care of  your heart specially and if there is a condition, don’t lose heart. Believe me it is not that difficult!

Statuary Warning: May be read as my real life account.

I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.

4 thoughts on “For whom my heart beats!”

  1. Congrats Bienu on this winning post. It’s good to see your positive attitude towards your health and am glad that you are taking care of yourself. Women need to look after themselves first to be better care givers!

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