Dubai: The jewel of the sun-drenched Gulf coastline

With world-class dining, incredible infrastructure, myriad shopping experiences, luxe spas and fabulous hotels and resorts, Dubai has something for everyone.  Dubai used to be a small desert town, but it turned into a beloved holiday destination. A dream vacation. It is an ideal destination for any trip, leisure or business related. For instance, visit the Dubai museum, do a city trip, or take a boat trip to see the beautiful skyline. There are so many places to visit! You could go to a mall, the beach or any of the islands. So if you want to go Dubai on holiday.

You can plan your Diwali Holidays in Dubai…not before watching this Visit Dubai film.

Thought of sharing with you…absolute delight!


Dubai’s many wonders are well documented, but when it comes down to the basics – like public transport, weather, culture and business – all you need is in this essential guide. So, with your plane tickets and hotel booked, read on to discover all you need to know before visiting Emirate.

In recent years, Dubai’s public transport system has quickly become a super-efficient network of technologically advanced transport links. From your arrival into Dubai International Airport, you’re connected to every major neighbourhood in the city.

While the buses in Dubai have existed for years and are still popular transport options, the Dubai Metro has revolutionised travel around the city. After undergoing a number of expansion phases (and the introduction of the Metro Museums), the Metro now runs from Dubai Airport all the way to Jebel Ali, which is right at the other end of town.

Film courtesy: City Film Media

Comprising 75 kilometres of track, the Dubai Metro was officially recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records in 2011 as the longest fully automated metro network in the world.

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