LG NEXUS 5X – #ChampIsBack – Sweetest & Cutest!!

With festive Season being round the corner, I am seriously contemplating gifting myself a new mobile. But believe me it is not an easy task, particularly when you are inundated with advices from friends, colleagues, family, husband, and teenage kids. To add fuel to the fire are so many ads running on television, websites, news papers, magazines, hoardings…where not. My hunt is still on and would have remained on…till I got an alert from blogadda twitter handle with hashtag #ChampIsBack. It was an opportunity for bloggers to write about product LG NEXUS 5X phone. But which champ is back and where it had gone, I wondered. Later on that!


First thing which caught my attention about this gadget was that it is an LG phone, sorry to say that but LG meant Refrigerators and TVs for me till now. I am a proud owner of many LG gadgets in my house and a very happy one. For me mobiles are always Samsung, Nokia, Asus, Lenovo, I phones or our home grown – Karbonn and Micromax. So my curiosity grew in the product and my blogpost is outcome of that research.


I will not shirk from saying that being a blogger and media professional, my usage is quite heavy and I am a phone freak too. I like to experiment with new gadget given the slightest opportunity but it remains a wishful thinking. So coming back to LG Nexus 5X, my knowledge about LG mobiles is quite minimal as I always thought that these are very technical gadgets which are ideal for developers and not for technically challenged people like me.

It seems this is not the case with LG NEXUS 5X as it is back with user – friendly features, thus aptly trending #ChampIsBack!

Why I would like to go for it, Read on to Know:

Sexy Looks!


First thing which I liked about it is its Sexy design, which matches the polish and finish of any other expensive phone. The screen size is also very good with its 5.2” display, thus making it easier for me to read long stories. The rounded corners and slim design would make it comfortable to use with single hand, needless to say comfortable to carry in our clutches/ purses. Capturing the soul of the Nexus family, the 5X would be able to offer good performance in a compact, lightweight device that’s ready to go anywhere, anytime. As a woman buyer and ardent mobile user, design element is very important for me and this phone scores well on that front.

Better Battery Life!!


So another feature which makes it a fantastic buy is it long battery – life, I heard that it lasts somewhere between 10-12 hours which is good enough for the day, Not only this it looks like one of the fastest Android phone thus making brousing easier and hassle free, going by the fact, the news buff I am. Moreover I am very lazy to charge my phone, even after carrying power bank in my bag all the time. So here long battery life would work well for me.

Lights, Camera, Action!!!


Now coming to the last, but not the least, a high performance camera, this is my most important tool as a travel blogger which I need to be armed with all through my day’s work. I would prefer it over any other phone as Nexus camera shines in low-light conditions. Its larger 1.55μm pixels capture more light even in the dimmest conditions to produce stunning details and sharp images. With a faster Google Camera app, I never miss a moment, and with the smart Google Photos app, the memories are easy to relive and always at the fingertips.


As a blogger it is very important for me to organize my photos very well and with LG Nexus 5X being armed with Google Photos which is a new way to store, search, and share all our photos and videos, it would certainly make a good buy. Here we can store an unlimited amount of photos and videos at high quality for free, and access them anywhere. This way being automatically organized and searchable by the people, places, and things in them, our memories are always easy to find and share.

Not only this, it is a devise which is future ready. You can download lot of apps and it is ready for Android 6 Marshmallowsthe sweetest thing about this cutest device.

It is important that we take our pick before buying a Mobile Phone, so if you are looking for fast performance, sexy looks, good phone, a good-looking user interface and promise of faster Android updates in future, then LG NEXUS 5X is for you. Minor issues you can ignore.

Now I will wait for my LG NEXUS 5X, whether I win it through Blogadda contest or shell out 30 grand for this prized possession.
If I get one, whichever way, I will post a detailed review on my Blog for my readers to feel motivated to buy it

“I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.

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