BEER & WINE OUT FESTIVAL by Living Liquidz concludes in Mumbai

The two-day festival (October 31 – November 1) organized in association with High Street Phoenix was first of its kind being hosted in Palladium, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Beer & Wine connoisseurs were seen having a great time at this fest…besides celebrated actor Sachin Joshi who sampled some great collection of wines & beer at the fest.

The fest was an especially handcrafted weekend destination for all the beer & wine-lovers in the city, which gave everyone the opportunity of sampling the top-notch brands in the industry.

A wide array of wines to select from, showcasing and sampling world of wines from India, France, Italy, Australia, Spain, Chile, South Africa, Germany, California, UK and New Zealand where you could experience the wines from names like Living Liquidz, Chandon India, Prestige Wines, Berkmann Wine Cellars, Fratelli Saraceni Wines, and many more!

The theme chosen was “Vintage” as it holds royalty traits of the ancient times. As you all know, Wine has been there since decades and it is enjoyed by everyone ever since it was created. The best and the most flavoured wines are often bottled and then cellared for decades (giving it a vintage feel) as the texture and flavour takes decades for fermentation. This helps to bring the wine’s flavours into a harmonious ideal. When a wine’s flavour has aged into its potential, it is said to have reached its peak and it’s time to drink it. Thus the Vintage theme was the ideal match for the Beer & Wine out festival.

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It is believed that wine is bottled poetry, every time you unscrew the cork, words can never befall you. If you too are passionate wine-lover, know all about it or are a wine connoisseur in the making, then this fest was a great place to be in. Presented by Living Liquidz who has asserted themselves as the global benchmark for fine wines and liquors, this was like having the one-stop-shop for all party lovers.
Beer & Wine Out festival also had treats for the beer lovers. Beers like the popular Goa Kings Beer and Bira 91 were there to tease your taste buds at this two-day stress busting affair.

The traditional process of making wine is dated back epochs ago when wine was prepared by crushing grapes inside large tubs and tanks with the help of just your feet instead of a mechanized method or wine press. This grape stomping tour is not only a fun team activity but it is also accompanied with tasting the end product as well as other fine wines plus dancing to music along with couple of other entertaining activities. With festivities round the corner, this two day festival also helped giving everybody the best gifting options for your loved ones.

Speaking about this upcoming gala festival, Moksh Sani, MD, Living Liquidz Wine & Spirits India Pvt. Ltd. says, “We are proud to present a one-of-a-kind wine and beer festival for all wine lovers as well as everyone who wants to know more about the spirits that have been complementing meals for people residing across the world. Through this two-day event, we aimed at giving everyone a wholesome experience and a complete stress buster away from the everyday hassle of regular life. We will be host to our home-grown brand as well as several popular names at this festivities that celebrate life.”

It was really a great occasion for Beer & Wine Connoisseurs to Chill Out to the hilt, which they did, I am sure!

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