Yatra.com: Winter survey warms up travel industry!

Indians increase spend on travel

Propensity of Indians to spend on travel has clearly increased with more than 30 per cent people willing to spend above Rs 50,000 as against 25 per cent last year, a report by Yatra.com said here.

114Yatra.com is an online travel portal which had conducted their annual winter survey which showcases the outlook of Indian travelers planning their holidays this season. The survey was conducted amongst 10,000 respondents from Yatra’s customer base.

Another observation was that people’s preference to choose international destinations over domestic destinations has risen.

Over 30 per cent people are willing to opt for an international destination while the remaining looked at domestic travel this winter. Kashmir and other hill stations topped the list for domestic travel showcasing that winter destinations are not off the list during this cold patch.


South East Asian countries were international favourites and were pitted at the same percentage as Goa for a holiday this season. The advance booking streak continues with most people looking at finalizing their plans 1-3 months before travel, it said.

This year has been about budget accommodation and the survey also brought forth similar facts. Budget hotels were the obvious choice of accommodation with almost 60 per cent opting for lodging options under Rs 4,000.

With the smartphone revolution, there has also been a marked increase in mobile bookings this winter as well, it said.

The survey showcased that more than 30 per cent people have started using apps for travel bookings and only a mere 10 per cent prefer travel agents, while the remaining book holidays on their desktops.

Travel pics

“Vacationing in winters has become an accepted norm similar to summer travel. We have seen a number of takers opting for not only domestic but also international destinations for their winter vacations,” Yatra.com president Sharat Dhall said.

“Indians are holidaying more frequently and that’s a trend that has been on an increase over the past few years. Mobile bookings and budget accommodation are two areas where we made tremendous progress in the winter season,” he added.

Skiing topped the charts as the favourite winter sport and boots won as the most favourite winter accessory.

Source: Yatra.com


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