Shhh! Don’t talk, Just Whisper!!!

The underlying message at the first ‘Whisper Blogger Hangout’ in Mumbai, where Versatile Actress Kalki Koechlin & Ace stand – up comedienne Aditi Mittal encouraged the new age Girl to #OwnThose5Days in their own inimitable style!


In today’s day & age a woman is multifaceted and dons various roles. She undertakes many responsibilities and with her ‘Be Unstoppable; attitude, ensures that she delivers to the best of her ability irrespective of the hurdles that come her way. Still she worried about those 5 days of the month. Not any more with ‘New Whisper Ultra’.

December 19, 2015 was a fun-filled morning at plush St. Regis, Palladium Mall Mumbai where women bloggers had umpteen fun at New Whisper Ultra launch event. I thoroughly enjoyed amidst presence of fellow Bloggers, some of them dressed to the hilt, many in ‘Whisper Green’. The venue was beautifully done up with lights & decorations & with presence of so many bloggers. The crowd comprised mostly PYTs (Pretty Young Things) and they were quite upbeat about this unusual event. After brief net-working time over tea, event started…


…with exuberant ace comedienne Aditi Mittal who made all of us quite comfortable about #OwnThose5Days with her humouros take on ‘those days’. She busted many myths surrounding those days like: Don’t touch the pickle, Don’t water plants, Don’t wash hair, Don’t wear white, Don’t enter Kitchen and to top it all…don’t move out of the house. A very informative campaign was also shown to the bloggers run by Whisper – Take that First Step. One right step with the new whisper ultra to power a thousand steps to success.
Versatile Bollywood actress – Kalki Koechlin, Gynaecologist – Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, Whisper R & D Expert – Chetan Kotyalkar & Stand Up comedian and writer – Aditi Mittal brought to life the need to break free from the various irrelevant period taboos.


Quoting Kalki here, “ In fact women should be more comfortable about so called ‘those days’ as it is natural phenomenon which should be taken in its stride. I was never uncomfortable about those days and never missed any activity because of that. Women should be comfortable about their own physicality and stay away from taboos. Even boys should be made to understand about those days as they are quite petrified about them.”

“Women still practice irrelevant period taboos like not exercising, not wearing white, not washing hair for the first two days and stay largely at home during periods a month others. With the new Whisper Ultra, women should not feel restricted anymore on their period days. #OwnThis5Days. But yes it is important that you take care of your diet during these days as water retention increases in the body,” informed renowned Gynecologist – Dr. Nandita Palshetkar.

Only gentleman amidst sea of women audience was Whisper’s R & D Expert, Chetan Kotyalkar who explained the technology involved in creating this world – class product where R & D is the hallmark. The New product is designed for 5X more absorption and is hygienically tested. He show-cased a never seen before innovation via powerful demonstration highlighting the benefits of the New Whisper Ultra at the ‘Whisper out Loud Blogger Hangout’, which is the first exclusive bloggers preview organised by a sanitary napkin brand in the country.


Even during those 5 days of the month, her journey involves taking thousands of steps towards her goals but instead she hesitates to do so. She restricts herself for 5 days every month which culminates to 1500 hours every year and doesn’t realise that this isn’t merely just a pause; it’s a step back and sometimes even a step back.
In a bid to help India’s women power through their chosen path of success and #OwnThose5Days of the month, Whisper India launched The New Whisper Ultra – a revolutionary pad that absorbs more & lasts longer, Whisper wants to enable women to keep striding forward.

Kalki & Aditi also shared personal experiences and opinions expressing need for superior sanitary napkin for a woman to be truly stoppable. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar showcased her expertise to explain the menstruation process and the dos & don’ts every woman should incorporate in her monthly routine. She also educated all about the importance of menstrual hygiene.

R & Expert About NEW WHISPER ULTRA: offers 5 times more protection than ordinary pads 1000 suction holes for:

• More absorption for long hours
• Better dryness for clean feeling
• Faster absorption for sudden heavy flows
• Better comfort with soft top sheet
• Better odour lock

The ‘Whisper Blogger Hangout’ culminated with Whisper super fun #OwnThos5Days challenge. To celebrate the spirit of being unstoppable during periods, #OwnThose5Days challenge comprised of a series of five activities which depicted everyday physical hurdles in a fun way. Kalki & Aditi kick started the challenge and were soon followed by ever enthusiastic group of bloggers. Our team scored the highest points…YE!!!!!

All you girls try New Whisper Ultra for 5X better comfort and extra softness.

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