#takethatstep for #OwnThose5Days with All New Whisper Ultra

RUN. For your dreams through meetings and traffic.
CHASE. Your passion against each day’s challenges.
PLAY. For success all round the clock on your feet 24 x 7

One right step with whisper ultra to power a thousand steps to success! #takethatstep


I was taken by surprise when the product in question: The All New Whisper Ultra arrived at my doorstep in a beautiful & attractive hamper. Thanks P & G for making that special delivery, in a special manner. I was selected as one out of 100 women in the country to have it first, to review the revolutionary concept that offers 5X more protection than ordinary ones. Being a Whisper loyalist all my life – I really felt proud thus chose to write about it, what makes it truly special. With Whisper the life changed during #OwnThose5Days as I took #TakeThatStep in late 80s when it was launched. It has stayed with me since.


I believe Whisper needs no promotion, it is all over, any girl who has used it once, can’t leave it, it must have stayed with her. For me it was not those days, it was ‘Whisper Days’. Confidence of our generation grew manifold with Whisper embarking on the scene in late 80s which moved on to become phenomenon later. It was a revolutionary concept then and even now with all new Whisper Ultra! The technology involved in producing this revolutionary product is state–of-the-art and constant product innovation is the hall-mark.


Having lived with certain taboos associated with ‘those days’ which have been passed on from generations like don’t exercise, don’t water plants, don’t touch the pickle, don’t enter kitchen, don’t sleep on bed, sleep straight and many more. But with Whisper, it all seems be changing, rather changed drastically, women have become more independent not only about their individuality but also about their physicality. And here ‘Whisper’ (read: Sanitary Napkin) has a role to play which has given wings to their dreams and made them just unstoppable.


In a bid to help India’s women power through their chosen path of success and #OwnThose5Days of the month, Whisper India is launching The New Whisper Ultra – a revolutionary pad that absorb more & lasts longer, Whisper wants to enable women to keep striding forward.

The unique features of the New Whisper Ultra are 1000 suction holes which offer better protection for long hours.
About NEW WHISPER ULTRA: offers 5 times more protection than ordinary pads 1000 suction holes for:
• More absorption for long hours
• Better dryness for clean feeling
• Faster absorption for sudden heavy flows
• Better comfort with soft top sheet
• Better odour lock
Whisper, launched in the mid eighties has served generations of women across the globe. The lifestyle of women has never been the same again; women are more confident, more comfortable and smarter than the earlier generations.

They are just unstoppable, nothing can hold them back, not even #OwnThose5days as they have taken that #takethatstep. Now with all new Whisper Ultra women will not have to think twice for going out, working for longer hours, following exercise regimen or travel. The comfort provided by Whisper Ultra in those tough days and tougher travails is matchless due to lost lasting gel absorption capacity which makes it soft to the core.


So girls, if you are planning to travel in the forthcoming festive season, don’t forget to take along your companion, The All New Whisper Ultra!

December 19, 2015 was one such special day when it was launched amidst fanfare by none other than actress with her own mind – Kalki Koechlin who has been speaking through various channels & panels about those days! And role of an efficient product and liberal mindset in any woman’s life.

All you girls try New Whisper Ultra for 5X better comfort and extra softness.

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