Colour Me Rich: Mohan Deep’s after Eurekha!!!

“Mohan Deep was the only journalist who supported Pooja during the body paint controversy!”Mahesh Bhatt while launching ‘Color Me Rich’, the new novel of the author, Mohan Deep recently. The launch was done by veteran film – maker Mahesh Bhatt and new age film maker Shirish Kunder for Kindle edition.



In an unusual gesture, producer, director and writer Mahesh Bhatt launched the book edition and Shirish Kunder the Kindle edition of Mohan Deep’s new novel ‘Color Me Rich’. The event was held at Renaissance Club at Andheri on recently which was attended by the author’s friends, guests, and the media.

In a rare disclosure, Mahesh Bhatt revealed the reason he admires Mohan Deep. Said Bhatt, “As I was leaving my daughter Pooja’s office at five to seven, making sure that I come here by 7:45 , she told me ‘I think Papa you’re doing the sweetest thing by going for Mohan Deep’s book launch because he was the only guy who supported me when this controversy erupted about the body paint. So, when you burn into people’s memory, when they feel vulnerable, especially in the society which pretends to be very upright and very moral and it takes sadistic delight in kind of savaging you, you remember those few very brave people, in the media especially, who have the balls to stand up and protect you from the so called rot which is unleashed on you. So, on behalf of my daughter I thank you for what you did, Mohan.”

Kunickaa Sadanand Lall(1)

Talking about Mohan Deep’s book he said, “’Color Me Rich’ has the fragrance of a blockbuster and it’s going the climb the charts higher and higher and higher. And we’ll make sure that every individual who walks out of here tweets about it and raves about it even if they’ve not read more than two lines in their bloody life! So I think, congratulations and it’s very heartening to see you still on the crease, daring, baring and saying, “I won’t stop as life doesn’t have a full stop, the spirit of Mohan Deep will not have a full stop! I’m certain about that! Well done, Mohan. Congratulations!”

Expressing his admiration for Mahesh Bhatt, the author Mohan Deep said that he admired Mahesh Bhatt for being whatever he is as a man and as a filmmaker and thanked him for coming. He said “As a man, Mahesh Bhatt is extremely bold, controversial and doesn’t fear anything. Mahesh is the one who doesn’t call a spade a spade, he calls it a shovel! Had he been a journalist he would have wiped out half of us. Thankfully he is not a journalist. He’s a filmmaker.”


Please watch out this space for Review of the Book which I am reading currently.


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