Channel V’s intriguing ‘teen’ crime tele series, Gumrah- The End of Innocence stunned the nation and astonished viewers with real-life thought provoking youth crimes. Getting a new face, the show has now earned the distinction of emerging as the first ever Indian Tele Series to be adapted into a book. Written by bestselling author Ira Trivedi, the book ‘Gumrah’ was unveiled by Chetan Bhagat, the popular voice of India’s youth today. The launch was hosted by Channel V and took place on Wednesday, 27th January at Title Waves, Bandra, (W).

Channel V launches GUMRAH the book unveiled by best-selling author Ira Trivedi and Chetan Bhagat (foreword written by him) (18)

With a foreword by Chetan Bhagat, the book has 11 gripping short stories, each telling a tale and unravelling the consequences of wrong choices made by an innocent teen. Each story is drawn from real life events revolving around adolescent crimes, deceit, bad judgment & treachery.

Kevin Vaz, (Business Head, Channel V), said “Gumrah is not just a show; it’s a brand in itself. Over the past few years it has gained in stature and is revered by youngsters. It redefined the way in which we looked at teen crime in the country. Even parents ask their teenage children to watch Gumrah so that they can be better prepared to face the uncertainties of the current environment. The purpose of the book is the same; it just gives us another avenue to engage with the youth who can now consume the content in a different form”



Ira Trivedi, author of the Book said “The stories featured in this book are powerful, touching and gripping all at the same time. They are not only entertaining, but they are also important – they were important to write and they are important to read, and I do hope young Indians everywhere read this book. Many of the stories are chilling, gruesome and even horrific– they are based on true incidents and the book is telling of our times.”

Channel V launches GUMRAH the book unveiled by best-selling author Ira Trivedi and Chetan Bhagat (foreword written by him) (14)

Chetan Bhagat commented “I congratulate channel V for their successful show, which is not only entertaining to watch, but actually serves a purpose to the society. I also congratulate Ira Trivedi for translating the episodes of the show into easy to read stories, that people can now carry with them and read them overtime”

Gumrah as a brand is now being extended into a book in an attempt to appeal all the readers out there to be aware and be prepared. Taking forward the show’s aim, the book is written with a view to help teens differentiate between perception and reality of the real world. The show is focused towards appealing to the young, vulnerable and impressionable minds of India. Channel V started on a journey 4 years ago to create awareness, and most importantly to inculcate the thought that it takes just one moment of weakness that makes someone go ‘Gumrah’.

Channel V launches GUMRAH the book unveiled by best-selling author Ira Trivedi and Chetan Bhagat (foreword written by him) (15)

Reaching out to almost 40 million viewers every week in India, Channel V is the ultimate destination for youth entertainment in the country. Channel V has pioneered unique youth engagement initiatives since its inception. From the launch of the first reality show on TV – V Pop Stars, the soaring success of close to a decade for V Get Gorgeous, the launch of India’s first youth fiction, V Roomies and having 4 daily youth fictions to the hosting of India’s Biggest College Festival – VFest and execution of it’s subsequent annual installments, Channel V is today known for creating innovative, award winning and cutting edge content and interactions that reflect youth passions.

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