Completes 25 years of being listed on BSE

Plans to launch a premium inner wear brand


T T Ltd., a leading textile player, celebrated the completion of 25 years of public listing by ringing the Silver Bell in Bombay Stock Exchange. The glittering function hosted by Chairman-Founder Dr. R. C. Jain was presided by Padma Bhushan awardee Shri D. R. Mehta (ex-SEBI Chairman) in the International Convention Centre of BSE in Mumbai.

Apart from the Chairman of the Company, Shri Sanjay Jain (Managing Director, T T Ltd.) and Smt. Jyoti Jain (Jt Managing Director, T T Ltd.) the gathering was addressed by Shri Nayan Mehta (CFO, BSE), Padma Shri V. R. Mehta (Independent Director) and Chief Guest Shri D.R. Mehtaji.


The Company’s management announced their plans to launch a premium innerwear brand in the near future as part of their new strategy to move towards the fashion side of the fibre to fashion spectrum. This move will help enhance margins and build the brand equity of the Company. The Company has enhanced their knitwear range to become a garment company from an innerwear company.

Chairman and Founder of T T Group, Dr R C Jain explained the journey of the Company and its evolution as a Fibre to Fashion Company as it spread its wings not only across India but also across 65 countries. Brand T T under which all products are sold has become a well known brand with registrations in India and many other nations. He paid special emphasis on the principles of the company and its employees who have been the two important pillars on which the Company laid its foundation and grew. He humbly accepted that, “I wasn’t self made as said by many, but was made by all the people who walked with me over the long journey spanning almost 50 years.”


Managing Director Shri Sanjay Jain laid down the vision and roadmap of the Company with clarity and crispness. He exuded confidence and commitment to take the Company to new heights. He said, “Both, the Company and the Indian Textile Industry was at a very important threshold from where we would see both coming out with open wings like a butterfly comes out from its cocoon to dazzle the world with new colors and life.”

Shri Jain added, “T T Ltd. plans to be a 50:50 Company in terms of exports and domestic sales. Hence, going forward, focus is going to be on more value added garments business, brand building and focusing on the domestic market – which is the fastest growing opportunity for us. Our network in rural and semi urban markets is expected to pay rich dividends to us. I would like to highlight our growing business in China – we see our cotton based textiles business growing rapidly. Vietnam, Ethopia and the United States also provide interesting opportunities. We shall make structural and organizational changes to target higher growth rates of 20-25% per annum.”


Emphasis over time would shift down the line I.e. Away from fiber and closer to fashion to reduce the beta of the company fortunes and ensure more stability. While it would not close its eyes to exports ever, however it would lay more emphasis on domestic market (hope to move to a 50:50 ratio).

The function ended with the “Ringing of the Sliver Bell” which in words of the Mrs Jyoti Jain, JMD, “This ceremony doesn’t mark the completion of 25 years, but the beginning of its journey to a Golden Horizon I.e. Golden Bell.”

The recent awards in last 3 years – Master Brand (2012), India Top 100 SME (2013 & 2014), India’s Small Giant Award by Honourable Cabinet Minister (2014), Silver Trophy for Yarn Exports by Honourable Cabinet Minister (2014) and India’s Promising Brand (2015) all show more promise and hope for future than a pat for the past.

The most breathtaking buildings humanity is constructing right now

It can be said with certainty that many modern-day architects are truly visionaries. They strive to bring us closer to the stars. Here we present a few examples of their most impressive work. We think all of the following buildings are a hopeful sign that the future is near — and it’s going to be awe-inspiring. Just look at the sheer size and ambition of what’s being built!

The Cobra Towers

Cobra Towers
Cobra Towers

These towers in the form of two intertwined cobras are scheduled to be built in Kuwait. Construction was due to start as early as 2008, but the project was frozen because of the financial crisis. One of the key questions has centered on how to build lifts for a building with a spiral structure. There has been a proposal to use a system based on compressing air using pneumatic tubes.

The Kingdom Tower

Kingdom Tower

The Kingdom Tower, which when completed will be even taller than the Burj Khalifa (currently the tallest building in the world), is being constructed in Saudi Arabia. It will be the first building in the world to reach a height over a kilometre. It will have space for offices, luxury apartments, an observatory, a Four Seasons hotel, and the highest viewing platform in the world. Construction started last year and should be completed by 2019.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower

The construction of this 121-storey building began in 1993, but was only completed this year — and fitting work is still going on. However, the impressive view from the top of the tower has already been seen by millions of people, thanks to head-spinning images taken by two fearless Russian adrenaline junkies, who broke into the building site and climbed to the top illegally last year.

Dubai Pearl

Dubai Pearl
Dubai Pearl

Between planning the largest shopping mall and the highest tower in the world, someone in Dubai decided that the country should also have at least one luxurious building that looked vaguely similar to an ordinary apartment block. In this planned ’city within a city’, there will be four towers joined by a sky bridge and an exclusive theatre with space for 1,800 people.

Agora Garden Tower

Agora Garden Tower
Agora Garden Tower

The construct of the Agora Garden Tower is set for 2016. It will become an interesting compromise between man’s industriousness and the influence and importance of nature. The twisting tower will be in green in all senses of the word: every balcony will have a garden, and it will rely on energy from the sun and recycled rain water.
The 117-storey World One tower is due to become the tallest residential building anywhere in the world. It will also be the tallest in the city of Mumbai. It will have 300 luxury apartments designed by Georgio Armani.

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

King Abdullah Petroleum & Research Centre
King Abdullah Petroleum & Research Centre

It may be the shortest building in this list, but it’s not less magnificent than the others. This building in Saudi Arabia is similar to the lair of a James Bond villain, with its futuristic design centred on interlocking hexagonal cells.

Suzhou Zhongnan Center

Suzhou Zhongnan Center
Suzhou Zhongnan Center

Recently, in China the construction of a new 730-metre tower, costing $4.5 billion, was begun. It’s going to take a long, long time to complete. But if it’s completed by 2020 in accordance with its schedule, it will become the highest building in China nad the third highest in the world.

Lotte World Tower


Considerably higher than all other buildings in Seoul, South Korea, the soaring, 556-metre Lotte World Tower is due to be completed in 2016. It will contain shops, offices, apartments, hotels and a viewing platform.

Dawang Mountain Resort

Dawang Mountain Resort
Dawang Mountain Resort

The Dawang Mountain Resort in China will open in 2016. It will include an ’ice amusement complex’, an indoor skiing complex, a water park, and hanging gardens. As you can see, it’s a real work of art. This hotel, again located in China, is designed to sit in between cliffs on a lake. A waterfall will literally stream down its outside walls. If you don’t like the view from the top, you can always go to the lowest floors and have a look out — they’re located underwater. This hotel, again located in China, is designed to sit inbetween cliffs on a lake. A waterfall will literally stream down its outside walls. If you don’t like the view from the top, you can always go to the lowest floors and have a look out — they’re located underwater.

The Songjiang Hotel

7705-R3L8T8D-1000-hotel_china06 song jian

his hotel, again located in China, is designed to sit inbetween cliffs on a lake. A waterfall will literally stream down its outside walls. If you don’t like the view from the top, you can always go to the lowest floors and have a look out — they’re located underwater.

Source: Fact room




I was delighted to receive the Smartest Camera Phone just launched in India owning to its great looks, unique features and to top it all World’s thinnest 3x optical Zoom camera with a total 12x Zoom. I thought of using it over the weekend but given that the wanderer and free-spirited I am, me and my colleague Bhagyashree snapped some moments to do some “matargashti khuli sadak par” with our ASUS Zoom. We clicked lot of pictures of high rises, Income Tax Bhawan, Wankhede Stadium and Church Gate Station. What fun it was to quickly click pictures amidst heavy traffic laden roads, traffic signals, moving church gate bound trains, century old Banyan trees, selfies on the move…and the results were just stunning! See it to believe it!!

For a travel blogger like me, it would have been an ideal companion when I am covering an assignment by Rajasthan Tourism, the Kumbhalgarh Fort and picturesque Udaipur in April end. Hope the brand is listening! Carrying ASUS ZOOM would save me from carrying heavy DSLRs, setting them up and some heavy duty maintenance. Here are some specifications of the ASUS Zenfone Zoom camera: Rear: 13MP, f/27 aperture, 10P Hoya lens, 3X optical zoom / 12x total Zoom with 4 stop optical image stabilisation (OIS), laser autofocus and dual colour Real tone flash Front 5 MP , f/2.0 – aperture, wide-angle 88-degree lens with selfie pixel master features including low light mode.

 So what makes ASUS Zoom a thing of beauty, a joy forever?

  • World thinnest 3X optical Zoom, total 12X Zoom
  • 4GB RAM, Intel PC level performance
  • 13MP Laser Auto focus camera
  • 4 Stops Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • 10P HOYA Lens

Please don’t skip watching this video to get the feel of ASUS Zenfone Zoom in action:

Though Camera is just aim & shoot, and result is no less than that of a DSLR. Pitched in as world’s thinnest optical zoom smart phone with 13 MP Pixel Master Rear camera and 3x lens in a body that just measures 5 mm at the edges. The Glass made of synthetic and prismatic lenses are meticulously configured in a dual prism periscopic arrangement to capture the highest quality picture. It just worked wonderfully outdoors whereas I felt it did not work that great indoors in less light. Thought I cannot pin point the reason as I am not a techie-blogger.

Pretty Face, Sexy Back!

Everybody in my office especially men folk were enamoured by the beauty in my possession – Neighbours’ Envy, Owner’s pride!


The ASUS Zenfone Zoom comes with a 5.5” 1920 X 1080 Full HD IPS with 178 degree viewing angle, and a 403 ppi pixel density which lends it pretty look. The back is made of leather and provides good grip to hold and click. The gadget is made of a single block of aluminium with metallic sides which measures 5 mm. I could not spot any buttons on the sides barring camera buttons, volume button and power buttons. What to say of its full screen lamination, scratch resistant Corning Gorrilla glass and anti-finger print coating.


As the time was really short I could not use it for playing games but it was important for me to know if battery works longer.  I came to know that phone charges quite fast from 0% to 60% in just 40 minutes. To me this is a great feature because as travel bloggers, while outdoors we don’t get opportunity to charge phones/ Cameras.


Pricing, is it prohibitive, not really!

I recently bought Sony 58 dual lens DSLR Camera for Rs. 38,500 and here is the Smartphone laden with so many unique features, multiple uses, easy to hold and easier to shoot for Rs. 37,990. If you shell out 2000 extra, you can get add-ons of tripod and zen flash. Not a bad deal at all.


Though it may not be a great buy for true – blue photographers who swear by their hi-end DSLR Cameras but for travellers and bloggers like me, ASUS Zenfone Zoom would be an ideal companion. As it would enable me keeping connected with my folks back home, playing games in my free time and clicking some great pictures without hassle for my blog, to top it all with good battery life. A blogger couldn’t have asked for more!


Technical Specifications:

Processor: 64 bit intel Super Quad – Core

Operating System: ASUS Zen UI under Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Memory & Storage: 128 GB ROM

Connectors: 3.5mm audio jack, single micro SIM

Battery: 3000mAh non removable

IMG_20160205_142754 (360x640)

Who knows I have this beauty in my possession before I set out for my Rajasthan sojourn? Amen! #ZenFoneZoom

Triveni Sangam in Kolkata

 February 7, 2016:  Kolkata tasted the flavour of intricately crafted sarees from Surat, served on a platter by none other than Surat based Triveni Sarees. Kolkata which is famous for its exquisite Bengal Handloom sarees, welcomed Triveni Sarees with open arms, probably because of their variety, colour, styling, fabrics, embellishments and wonderful blending of mass & class elements in their sarees. Kolkatta Saree(nistas) gathered  at Oxford Book Store, Park Street on sunny Sunday morning to catch the glimpse of Triveni Sarees and learn the craft of draping by famed Ms. Dolly Jain. I am sure bloggers must have had a great time, like we had in Triveni’s Meet in  Mumbai.  Indeed it was crossroad of bloggers, ethnic wear and saree lovers and Triveni’s insight and ideas upon ethnic wears.

I think venue was very carefully selected by Triveni Team because as much we love our books, we love our sarees too. Can’t get enough of both! Never say never for both. Any number of books on our book-shelves and any number of sarees are welcome in our wardrobe, as both have place of pride in our hearts too!!

Oxford bookstore

The event channelized by Arvind Saraf, Director, Triveni, turned out to be unique where bloggers had great time amidst sarees and more sarees.

Here is a report on Triveni Meet, Kolkata:

Kol 2

On the ‘Fresh – February’s one of the rosy Sundays women with an ethnic connect and some with curious amazement participated in the Triveni meet. Many of them shared their musings and excitement over the two sessions in which the

event was spread. Mr. Arvind Saraf, Director, Triveni introduced the brand and spoke about the vision of spreading the endemic heredity since expanding beyond sarees and dealing with all sorts of ethnic wear for men, women and kids.

Dolly Jain demonstrating

Ladies present at the event were then introduced to many fabrics and their characteristics. Attendees were eager to know about the specialty of the sarees and their distinct appeal. Much awaited part of the meet approached when Ms. Dolly Jain took the stage and everyone present was left gasping with her unique fete of draping a saree in most velocious and elegant fashion. Ms. Jain is a world renowned saree draper, who also happens to be the Limca and India Book of record holder for draping a saree into 125 unique styles. The very fun, sprightly – Le Debonair bloggers who attended the event were found clicking pictures, mingling with each other over the splendid grace of sarees at session end.

All Draped!(1)

Attendees shared their experiences and memoirs related to sarees. Stating about their delight after being left informative and amazed, bloggers at the meet stated how they have developed the confidence of wearing one regardless of their body frame, thanks to the meet. The event was channelized by Arvind Saraf, Director, Triveni. Checking the brightness of the event, Saraf described the meet informative and involving. Speaking about further such activities, Saraf added that Triveni has always endeavored to get people involved and evolve as ‘People’s brand’.


Hence, many such associations are looked forward to.

Triveni is a 30 year old maker of Sarees and Indian Ethnic wear. Based on the solid foundation built by its Sakambari Silks Mills, Triveni has spanned to global proportions with the advent of its online store – TriveniEthnics.com. Triveni currently has over 80 wholesale counters all over India with listings in all major online retailers as well. Triveni went online in 2011, taking the Triveni collection worldwide (www.triveniethnics.com), online & a few clicks away. Triveni’s designs & collections are now available at most major retailers in India and most major web-portals in India & worldwide.


Exclusive Interview: Author Munmum Ghosh, on latest title Thicker than Blood

Articulate & Exuberant, Munmun Ghosh is a Mumbai-based fiction writer, editor with CRISIL Ltd., a freelance journalist and amateur musician is a delight to interact with. Having a wonderful way with words, she is a master weaver of stories on most crucial but untouched upon issues.

Author Munmun Ghosh
Author Munmun Ghosh

No wonder, Actor Vidya Balan who launched her earlier book – Unhooked in Mumbai said, “Once I started reading Unhooked, I was hooked. Every experience mentioned in this book will find a resonance with women somewhere or the other — either you have gone through it or you have known someone who went through or have at heard of someone go through it.”

Noted columnist Shobhaa De commended the book as “an unblinking view of the contemporary concerns that confront thirty-something career women looking for love, but not necessarily sex.”
Her first work of fiction Hushed Voices (2007) explored the lives of Mumbai’s marginalized classes through a series of connected monologues. In her second fictional venture, a full-fledged novel named Unhooked (2012); she spotlighted the metro phenomenon of intellectual mating between the sexes and its repercussions.

Armed with a First class Masters’ degree in English Literature from Mumbai University, she worked as a full-time journalist for a range of publications – from Stardust and MOVIE to The Daily, The Economic Times, Mid-Day, and indya.com for over a decade before segueing to creative writing.

Munmum Ghosh spoke to Bienu Verma Vaghela in an exclusive interview:

Excerpts of the interview:

Munmun Ghosh

As a journalist, how challenging was it for you to write a full-fledged book for the first time?

I had clocked almost ten years of full-time journalism before I moved to fiction-writing and it was for sure, a huge challenge since it demanded more of imagination from me than journalism did. Especially, given the nature of my first work of fiction ‘Hushed Voices.’ For unlike my latest novel ‘Thicker than Blood,’ Hushed Voices is rooted in a milieu far removed from the middle-class milieu in which I grew up. It is basically a string of 39 connected monologues, giving voice to the concerns, issues and joys of Mumbai’s underprivileged populace, featuring characters like a dabbewali, a public undertaker, and a regular domestic. Hence, the title ‘Hushed Voices.’

Complex human relationships are the crux of your books, but how complex are these actually in real life?

Since human beings are complex in nature, relationships between them are bound to be so. A lot of growing up and maturity is about learning to handle relationships with different people in your lives. I think once we truly accept that we are all essentially different and respect this fact, relating becomes easier. Still, relationships remain complex since humans are dynamic entities and changing constantly. So remaining in harmony is a perennial effort. However, the challenge and shifts in relationships also make life more interesting.

Do you think the pressures of modern day and stressful lifestyles take a toll on relationships?

Several factors influence relationships, and stressful lifestyles can become an important factor. While I was researching for Thicker than Blood, I remember talking to a sexologist, who had this interesting observation to make: ‘Many a time a couple has come to me with problems in conceiving. When I ask them how often they make love, they say, at least twice a month.’ So stressful, hectic, work-laden lifestyles can take a toll on relationships for sure. For to nurture a relationship, you need first and foremost to give time to it. If you are not spending time together, then how can that connect grow?

In your latest title you have written about quite an untouched subject of infertility and complexities surrounding it? How did you conceive the idea?

Thicker than Blood is based on the real-life experience of one of my dear friends, who struggled for years to realize her simple wish to have a complete family, exploring many an option in the process. Her story moved me and when I looked around, I realized many couples were going through similar experiences silently, and it was a growing urban issue. As a writer, I believe it is my responsibility to draw attention to those aspects of life that are important but not being talked about, and so I decided to compost my friend’s story. I felt in the process the story would make visible, the options available to couples in similar situations. Also, the idea of writing this novel appealed to the romantic in me, because finally Thicker than Blood is the story of a man and a woman, of Vimal and Mayuri, and how their relationship evolves over the years through many strains and challenges. In one sense, it is an ode to love.

What is your advice to young authors, especially aspirant journalists who want to become authors some day?

Write a story/novel only when you have something to say, only when the story is consuming your from inside and you cannot rest till you are out with it. The story will choose its own form. You don’t have to worry too much about that. And once you have got a story to tell, then let it grow within you. Develop it steadily and of course, rewrite and polish it again and again. Approach a publisher only when you are satisfied with the end-product. Don’t be in a hurry to get published.

Do you think events like Jaipur Litt. Fests are important for furthering the cause of Publishing & Writing?

I think any event that promotes the reading habit and the cause of literature needs to be encouraged and lauded. When a youth reads about the Jaipur Literary Fest in the papers, it is likely he will become curious about the writers involved and want to at least browse through their works. That would be a gain. Today, books are ranged against very powerful competitors for eyeballs like cinema, internet, television and most importantly now what’s app. So any activity that can bring people to books is welcome.

Thicker than Blood - front and back cover (1)

Watch out this space for Book’s Review soon…

Book – Launch on February 16, 2016 at Title Waves, Bandra West, Mumbai

Don’t Miss to grab your copy brought to you by Jaico Books!


Malaysia has always been a favorite destination for Indian entertainment industry. Latest to join the trend is Tamil film industry, popularly known as Kollywood, superstars Rajnikanth and Surya who are currently in Malaysia for their next movie Kabali and S3 respectively.


Superstar Rajnikath is currently in Malaysia shooting for his next movie Kabali. The movie is shot in some of the exotic locations of Malaysia over next few weeks and also stars a couple of Malaysian actors. This is the second schedule of shooting and the superstar was earlier in Malaysia last year and was astonished to see his fan following in the country. Kabali is an ambitious project which is loosely based on the life of popular don Kabaleeswaran.

Similarly, for his third movie in the Singham franchise ‘S3’, superstar Surya has chosen Malaysia as his preferred destination. Surya and his team will be shooting some rare action sequences in the next three weeks. The first two movies of the franchise were major blockbusters. The team is hopeful that with some extensive martial art sequences at the serene backdrops of Malaysia, ‘S3’ will be the biggest blockbuster to wait for in 2016. The movie also stars Anushka Shetty and Shruthi Hassan.

Rajnikanth 2

Malaysia has always supported international movie industries from Bollywood to Hollywood. With a large Tamil speaking population and a huge fan following for Kollywood, shooting of superstars Rajnikanth and Surya only add to the glorious relationship Indian and Malaysia have always shared.

Elephanta Festival , Mumbai for Music, Dance, Art & Culture Connoisseurs!

Next in my series is  Elephanta Festival, Mumbai scheduled for February 16 – 17, 2016

Eleph 6

The experience of the festival which usually sees local as well as foreign tourists, begins with a ride across the Arabian Sea from Gate of India to the mystical, rock – cut elephant caves. The caves with Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and lovely stone Apsaras will come alive with Ashok Hande’s Marathi Bana and performances of Grammy winning Hindustani classical Instrumentalist , Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Pop-Rock artist Kailash Kher on Day 1. The next day, while Hindustani classical music vocalist Pt. Santee Abhyankar, Roop Kumar Rathod and Sonali Rathod will fill the air with music, Yasmin Singh takes the stage for Kathak. There’s going to be painting competition too.

Eleph 7

Elephanta festival is organized by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) to promote Mumbai tourism and culture. It is one of the most prominently celebrated festivals in Mumbai. This renowned festival is held on the Elephanta Island, adjacent to the Elephanta Cave, a World Heritage Site. The Island is located at a distance of ten kilometres from Mumbai Harbour and there are regular launch services from there to Elephanta Island. The initial name of the Elephanta caves was Gharapuri which means, ‘peaceful living place of lord Shiva’. The name Elephanta Cave was given by Portuguese, after a carved elephant found on this island. The festival, which is a feast of dance and music, is conducted in the month of February every year transforming the entire island into a huge auditorium. Set in the backdrop of huge pillars and sculptured panels on the walls of the temple in the Island, the festival is dedicated to the varied classical music and dance forms of India.

Eleph 1

The highlight of the festival that started in 1989 is the illuminated Maheshmurti (Shiva idol) located in the main cave of the Elephanta Island. The idol is lit up at night, providing an amazing backdrop to the entire setting. Over the years, the festival has become a huge attraction for Mumbaikars as well as for the domestic and foreign tourists. The temple also has huge pillars which intensify the whole festive ambiance. The cyclopean auditorium where the dances are performed is decorated with lights along with a decorated idol of lord Shiva.

Eleph 5

The festival, which starts with a warm welcome comprising of traditional tunes of the native fishermen folk, features performances of eminent artistes on an aesthetically erected stage. Wonderfully illuminated Maheshmurti cave, bright lights and delicious ethnic food make this festival a truly unforgettable experience.

eleph 2

Visitors can reach the Elephanta Island through a boat from the Gateway of India which is a one-and-a-half hour’s journey. During the festival, special launch services are provided for the visitors.

Eleph 3

Elephanta festival is indeed a feast for the art lovers

Source: http://www.mumbai.org.uk/elephanta-festival.html

MUMBAI set to host biggest Business Festival: Make In India

In my series of festivals, Make In India features prominently owing to its grandeur, magnitude, attitude…truly a never seen before Business Event ever! Be in Mumbai to be amidst big – wigs of Business arena not only from India but across the globe, who have changed the industrial landscape of India. Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India would be inaugurating the event on 13th February and the highlight of event would be inauguration of a Make-in-India centre at Bandra Kurla complex and a business forum meeting featuring a number of global visionaries and leaders from the fields of finance, industry and design. A ‘Time India’ award to recognise excellence in manufacturing will also be instituted at the week-long event.


A grand hi-tech laser show at Chowpatty with many more programs are being lined up during the week. Kala Ghoda Fest has also been extended to coincide with the Make In India. Mumbai would be a treat for Business, Art, Culture, Cinema and Tourism lovers during this week – February 13 – 17, 2016. If you have not booked the ticket yet, do it now!

Prime Ministers of Sweden, Finland and Lithuania will be among the foreign delegates from a number of countries who will participate in the event to showcase Make-in-India initiative, one of the key programmes of the Narendra Modi government. Delegates including senior ministers and government functionaries from Poland, Japan, Indonesia, Colombia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Mexico, Germany and South Korea will also participate in the event.

The Make in India Week will also witness States like Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh organizing their respective investment seminars, showcasing their key strengths & business opportunities. All these events would be in partnership with CII. Senior Union Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, Senior Union Government officials and officials from various State Government and senior industry leaders would participate at the event. A number of Heads of State and Ministers led Government and Business delegations from different parts of the world are expected to attend the Summit.

The week-long ‘Make-in-India’ event in Mumbai beginning February 13 will showcase India’s potential in the manufacturing sector and woo foreign investors. The event will offer foreign investors unprecedented access and opportunities to connect and collaborate with young Indian entrepreneurs, industry leaders, academicians and government officials. Key opportunities in sectors like auto, defence and aerospace, food processing, chemicals and petrochemicals, electronics and information technology, pharmaceuticals, textiles, industrial equipment manufacturing, construction equipment, and infrastructure will be showcased through seminars and discussions among major stakeholders.


The ‘Make in India Week’ would focus on the following:
– Make in India Center would be the platform for exhibiting innovative products and manufacturing processes developed in India along with a vision to leverage design, innovation and technology in the backdrop of global manufacturing.

– Asia Business Forum would comprise of a series of seminars, CEO meets, roundtables and networking events on economic challenges, investment opportunities, design and innovation. This event would feature global visionaries and leaders from the fields of finance, industry and design.

– Hackathon would be a 24-hour marathon event where coders, engineers and designers collaborate intensively for 24 hours to come up with ideas to solve urban design problems.
– Many more events such as State Sessions, Design Conferences, Cultural & Fashion Shows and Networking Dinners would be conducted.

The event would showcase the people, policies and partnerships that are driving India’s new manufacturing revolution as well as display India’s potential of design, innovation and sustainability across various manufacturing sectors. The flagship event is a medium for reinforcing India’s commitment and potential to emerge as a global manufacturing hub.

Wait for more updates on the same in the days to come!

My Review: Colour Me Rich by Mohan Deep: Colourful Account of an Artist!

I was delighted to receive the latest book: Colour Me Rich from the Author himself – Mohan Deep who is very accomplished author as well as well – known name in the field of Bollywood Journalism. I was fortunate to have read his earlier & only book – Eurekha! I must admit I was quite enamored by it. Being a Bollywood Buff myself, I was always fascinated by the lives of Stars; and here was somebody who transcended me into the world of my favourtie actor!


Colour Me Rich takes you through the world of artist Akash Saigal in a racy & pacy manner, where narrative is clutter – free thus making it ideal to be read in one go, sipping coffee in a Café Lounge. The book is an interesting take on Ambitious Artist Akash and his ride to success in an elevator, rather than through a ladder and the dilemmas, struggles, challenges, emotional upheavals he goes through, makes it an interesting read. The choice he makes in Zenobia as life partner is quite unconventional, but artists would be like that only, the way he adjusts in Zenobia’s world which is in sharp contrast of his, is quite commendable. Author touched a very pertinent point through his protagonist Akash, that creativity doesn’t differentiate between rags & riches. It flows in most unexpected situations; this is vividly expressed by Akash as he feels that he was at his creative best in his “Adarsh Nagar” tenement rather than in Zenobia’s South Bombay penthouse.


His friend Pran’s Character is well-etched who lives upto the saying “Ek Aisa Dost Zaroori Hota Hai” and reminded me of Pappi of Tanu Weds Manu Returns. He provides good support to the narrative. Suma’s love for Akash unquestionable, sacrificing all for the person she loves, do such characters exist?

Book provides sharp glimpses of high society which are quite convincing and will certainly appeal to high society aspirants. Amidst high-society maneuverings, Akash behaves lost like “Alice-in-Wonderland”. He could not detach from his roots even amidst riches of his wife’s family which was nice and appealing part of his character and young readers can relate well with that.
Colour Me Rich is an exotic concoction of struggle, rise, fame, romance, murder, infidelity, treachery which would keep readers hooked to the end till the “shock” element “rocks” his thought process.

Looks like author has turned a leaf from his own life when he as student of Architecture use to spend time at Jehangir Art Gallery and Coffee House Samovar, he could glance through the world of painters. Seems the dreams of artists and their struggles interested him, which have come in their true colours in Colour Me Rich!

Grab your copy to get the shock as the book ROCKS!!!

Saree Gowns: Swing to the Silhouette in Style!!!

For the first time I noticed Saree Gown in a fashion show in New Delhi few years ago where model sported neon green saree gown by designer Monisha Jaising…


…Model looked fabulous in the outfit, which at hindsight appeared to me like a saree draped differently like the one by Mumtaz in Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar ke Charche…but as she came close I realized that it was something starkly different. Indeed it was an attempt to update traditional saree by fusing it with a gown like silhouette. Here, the outfit was paradoxical mix of fluidity and construction, which combined the saree’s classic structure with the comfort of zipped – up gown. Outcome, your heavily embroidered saree or lehenga will not come in the way when you swing – Girls like to Swing on your best friend’s sangeet.


One fine morning, not too long ago, a tweet landed in my account from @triveniethnics displaying their saree gown collection, which instantly caught my fancy and I suddenly recollected seeing them at a fashion show (mentioned above). The outfit in itself is quite exciting as it wonderfully blends silhouettes of a gown with that of a saree and the result is magical. You are adorning the class of a saree and style of a gown in one single outfit. Saree Gown has the comfort of the gown and drape of the saree which gives women the liberty of doing whatever they want. It makes them look elegant & dolled up at the same time, whichever look they want to flaunt. It is an ideal outfit for pretty, young Indian girls who always like to dress to the occasion. It is a fusion of Western & Indian, tradition & trend and style & Silhouette. tssag2602_2Apprising about the breathtakingly beautiful collection of saree gowns, Arvind Saraf, Director, Triveni Ethnics said, “We always attempt to give something new to our customers and saree –gown is one of those outfit. We are sure it will attract young upwardly mobile women who do not shirk from trying something new all the time; especially when it comes to occasion wear. Our Saree Gowns are quite unique because of the use of fabrics like Georgette, nets, chiffons with heavily embroidered tops and colour palette is also quite strong which would appeal younger audience especially.


Highlight of the collection is  heavy embroidery on sleeves and layering at the bottom.” He observed a very pertinent point, “Our girls have become quite global but they do not want to compromise on the traditional look when going for an occasion, for them these saree gowns would be an ideal outfit to adorn. Here they want to look stylized but not too Western too. This outfit addresses their concern here.”

Triveni Ethnics are based out of Surat, Gujarat who brings in vast experience in the field of sarees from many decades. Triveni Sarees are available on a pan India level across various budgets, styles, fabrics & fashions from both Online & Offline platforms. They have something for every woman. Don’t miss on checking their bridal collection!!!

& of course saree gowns!!!!

You can check & order the Saree – Gown Collection on http://www.triveniethnics.com starting from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 15,000.

Gowns shown in photos above, barring first one are courtesy: Triveni Ethnics