My Review: Colour Me Rich by Mohan Deep: Colourful Account of an Artist!

I was delighted to receive the latest book: Colour Me Rich from the Author himself – Mohan Deep who is very accomplished author as well as well – known name in the field of Bollywood Journalism. I was fortunate to have read his earlier & only book – Eurekha! I must admit I was quite enamored by it. Being a Bollywood Buff myself, I was always fascinated by the lives of Stars; and here was somebody who transcended me into the world of my favourtie actor!


Colour Me Rich takes you through the world of artist Akash Saigal in a racy & pacy manner, where narrative is clutter – free thus making it ideal to be read in one go, sipping coffee in a Café Lounge. The book is an interesting take on Ambitious Artist Akash and his ride to success in an elevator, rather than through a ladder and the dilemmas, struggles, challenges, emotional upheavals he goes through, makes it an interesting read. The choice he makes in Zenobia as life partner is quite unconventional, but artists would be like that only, the way he adjusts in Zenobia’s world which is in sharp contrast of his, is quite commendable. Author touched a very pertinent point through his protagonist Akash, that creativity doesn’t differentiate between rags & riches. It flows in most unexpected situations; this is vividly expressed by Akash as he feels that he was at his creative best in his “Adarsh Nagar” tenement rather than in Zenobia’s South Bombay penthouse.


His friend Pran’s Character is well-etched who lives upto the saying “Ek Aisa Dost Zaroori Hota Hai” and reminded me of Pappi of Tanu Weds Manu Returns. He provides good support to the narrative. Suma’s love for Akash unquestionable, sacrificing all for the person she loves, do such characters exist?

Book provides sharp glimpses of high society which are quite convincing and will certainly appeal to high society aspirants. Amidst high-society maneuverings, Akash behaves lost like “Alice-in-Wonderland”. He could not detach from his roots even amidst riches of his wife’s family which was nice and appealing part of his character and young readers can relate well with that.
Colour Me Rich is an exotic concoction of struggle, rise, fame, romance, murder, infidelity, treachery which would keep readers hooked to the end till the “shock” element “rocks” his thought process.

Looks like author has turned a leaf from his own life when he as student of Architecture use to spend time at Jehangir Art Gallery and Coffee House Samovar, he could glance through the world of painters. Seems the dreams of artists and their struggles interested him, which have come in their true colours in Colour Me Rich!

Grab your copy to get the shock as the book ROCKS!!!

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