Thank God, Tiger did not spot me!

I visited Jim Corbett National Park many years ago while in school and was really petrified to see the place. Jungle hi Jungle all over, I asked my friend, “Why are we here”? She replied, “To spot tigers”? I gave vague expression, Tigers? But why Tigers? What if they attack us? Or even eat us raw? Poor friend, no answers. Today I don’t recollect whether we spotted the Tiger or no but I certainly remember that muddy, dusty terrain, hills, marsh lands, lakes …ideal for Big Cats and not for Small Fries like us.  Reluctantly I spent the day…bickering all day long…we could have done boating in Malli Taal instead of being here. Camera was just out of reach for us, moreover I being the child of that era did not even have the guts to for ask for one from my parents. Somehow trip to Jim Corbett got over…me highly scared and completely drained though relaxed, thinking thank GOD Tiger did not spot me!!

Times certainly changed when my daughter Tanya visited Jim Corbett National Park from her school trip few years ago, who was super excited to be amidst Big Cats and not scared out of her wits like me. They took jungle safari tour in the morning which started at 5 AM in the morning, for which she got up at 4 AM in the morning. I sighed, sacrificing sleep for Safari and never for Studies! Any way group of children in Jeep ventured out and probably they could catch the glimpse of tigress. She was delighted. Tanya still has fond memories of that trip…and me too, I was scared all through, till the time all children were out of Jim Corbett.  I was relaxed, thinking that Thank GOD they could spot Tiger!!!

Recently, my niece Dr. Tanvi and her husband Dr. Siddhant Taneja along with Arushi & Sankalp were in Jim Corbett National Park at Club Mahindra Resort there. The expressions on their faces are quite chilled and relaxed unlike me who was shit scared throughout. Looks like they had great time there! Adventure loving Medicos Dr. Tanvi & Dr. Siddhant share same passion for outings and particularly adventure trails. As mentioned by Tanvi, they too had some scary moments when a wild Tusker blocked their way or scary sight of a wild bear. But over all they enjoyed being there and clicked some really nice pictures which I am sharing for my readers in the form of a Photo – Essay.  This time Jim Corbett looked wonderful, serene, scenic and certainly a place to be amidst Tigers!!! Relaxed, thinking that thank GOD, they could enjoy so much!!!

Jim Corbett National Park, which is a part of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve, a Project Tiger Reserve lies in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The magical landscape of Corbett is well known and fabled for its tiger richness. Established in the year 1936 as Hailey National Park, Corbett has the glory of being India’s oldest and most prestigious National Park. It is also being honoured as the place where Project Tiger was first launched in 1973. This unique tiger territory is best known as the father who gave birth of the Project Tiger in India to protect the most endangered species and the Royal of India called Tigers.

Spans over an extent of 520 square kilometers, its whole area comprises of hills, marshy depressions, riverine belts, grasslands and large lake. It is among the few tiger reserves in India that allows overnight stays in the lap of the National Park. Nature watch and wildlife viewing in the park is done in an open four wheeler Jeep and on elephant back. Sheltering a healthy population of tigers and rare species like Otters and the endemic fish eating crocodile, the national park is one of the most sought after destinations for the wildlife buffs. Dhikala, situated at the border of the extensive Patil Dun valley, is the most popular destination in Corbett because of its superb location and sheer abundance of wildlife present.

How to Reach Corbett
Ramnagar is perhaps the best approach to the Corbett National Park which forms the headquarters of CTR. This small city is well connected by road and rail network with major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad, Nainital and Bareilly. Once you reach Ramnagar, then it takes only half an hour to reach Corbett National Park. The park is around 15 Kms from Ramnagar railway station.

By Road: Ramnagar has a very good network of road that connects the different cities. The Corbett National Park is situated at an approximate surface distance of 260 Kilometer from India’s national capital Delhi. The state government of Uttarakhand plies buses at a short interval of time from Delhi, Moradabad, Haldwani, and Nainital that reaches Corbett directly.

By Rail: The railway station in Ramnagar receives trains from different major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad and Bareilly. A direct train to Ramnagar runs from Delhi. You can check out for Ranikhet Express, Corbett Link Express and Kathgodam Express that takes you directly to Ramnagar.

Distance from Major Cities:

  • Delhi: Delhi – Moradabad – Kashipur – Ramnagar (260 Kms)
  • Nainital: Via Kaladhungi to Ramnagar (62 Kms)
  • Lucknow: Lucknow – Bareilly – Kicha – Rudrapur – Kashipur – Ramnagar (436 km)
  • Dehradun : Dehradun – Ramnagar (232 km)

Corbett Tiger Reserve provides Accommodation and Day Visit facility to visitors. Online booking for Accommodation and Day Visit can be booked in advance through their website:

Information courtesy: jimcorbettnationalpark

Pictures Courtesy: Dr. Siddhant & Tanvi Taneja

2 thoughts on “Thank God, Tiger did not spot me!”

  1. Very nice article , very informative & putting pictures of ur niece visit along with her husband. Keep writing such note’s I am delighted to read such articles.

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