Udaipur, Lake Pichola: Calm, Serene & Picturesque

Next morning we set out for our trip to Udaipur’s Lake Pichola…

…what an amazing place it turned out to be!


No wonder, Rudyard Kipling mentioned this lake in his Letters of Marque (1899), “If the Venetian owned the Pichola Lake, they might say with justice, `see it and die’. The beauty of Lake Pichola attracts people from all over the world. One can undeniably say for Pichola that once, if you see this lake, you would definitely fall in love with it. The mesmerizing beauty of Lake Pichola makes it worth visiting Udaipur. The pristine blue waters of the left a soothing impact on us. I wondered how much stressed lives are we leading in Mumbai.

If Fateh Sagar Lake was vibrant, well-lit, scenic, slightly commercialised, more of a family destination, Lake Pichola was in sharp contrast. It would be any writer’s or poet’s dream destination. Lake Pichola, surrounded by lush green lining, sitting benches, big banyan trees, lofty palaces – Jagmandir Palace and hilly backdrop made ideal setting for a romantic Rajesh Khanna Movie. Sitting there and just watching the lake was an experience in itself. Living in Mumbai makes you accustomed to very fast life, whereas sitting beside the lake Pichola and just watching it, I felt that time had just stopped, but it hadn’t, how I wish it had. Time passed in boating, roaming and chit – chatting and it was time for us to move to new destination.

Let me add here, located in the heart of the city, Pichola Lake is the oldest and one of the largest lakes of Udaipur. In 1362, the beautiful lake was built by Pichhu Banjara during the ruling period of Maharana Lakha. Talking about the dimensions of Pichola Lake, it is extended to 3 miles in length, 2 miles in width and has depth of 30 feet.

Lake Pichola comprises several islands that accompany the calm waters of the lake. The world-renowned Lake Palace is perfectly located on the Jag Island of this tranquil lake. Even the Jag Mandir, another destination of tourists, is located on an island of this lake. Above all, a trip to Pichola Lake would be incomplete with a boat ride. At the time sun-set, a boat ride in this lake is would be wonderful, but we did it in the morning.

The beauty of this lake has not spared anyone to attract towards it. The lake looks more enchanting with its scenic surroundings. Maharana Udai Singh must have been certainly captivated by the charm of this pristine lake with the perfect backdrop of lush green hills as when he founded the city of Udaipur. He also constructed a dam made in stone that falls under the ‘Badipol’ region on the shore of this lake.

Pichola Lake is enveloped by lofty Palaces, temples, bathing ghats and elevated hills on all its sides. In the southern part of this lake, there is a hill that is known as Machhala Magra and one can see glimpse of Eklinggarh Fort from here. The City Palace of Udaipur broadens along the eastern banks of this lake.

Rajasthan Tourism need to promote these two lakes as their prime tourist destination.

Pictures Courtesy: Mukund Rai


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