Udaipur: Highway on my Plate!

Finally, we were at the last leg of our trip to Udaipur and I had not eaten famous Daal Baati Churma yet while in Udaipur. Feeling slightly disappointed on this loss, I mentioned this to an intern in the Hotel who told me about chain of Dhabas on the Highway, which serve authentic Rajasthani Food and in particular Daal Baati Churma. Delighted on this discovery, I and my husband ventured out on Highway, where we took a ride in tracker paying Rs. 5 each and reached only to find many interesting eating joints there. I zeroed in on Shreenath Kathiyawadi Bhojnalay which looked like quite typical dhaba ( Neat & Clean, well-decorated, Cots & Benches) and its owner was also quite welcoming.  Super-excited, that I too will have La Highway on my Plate (NDTV Good Times with Rocky & Mayur) like episode on my blog.  Being a big fan of Rocky & Mayur’s Highway on my plate, I was at it finally!!

The dhaba really served authentic daal baati churma which looked yummy on the first serving. Owner shared that Daal was made of Chana and Urad Daal mix and baati was made on Angithi. Churma made of desi ghee smelled heavenly. Wondering how would I eat all this?

Difficult to resist, I started on my mission of savoring what all was served on my plate. I started with Baati with little serving’s daal, sev tomato saak and heavy dollops of Churma.  I must say it was after a long time I was eating such food…which I was actually enjoying sitting on the Cot, overlooking the Aravali Range and Highway right in front of my eyes.


After enjoying this sumptuous meal on Highway Dhaba, we walked our way to Hotel…the walk was enjoyable as we were the only pedestrians on the way and people from Cars peeping out wondering where we were heading to on foot!

All in all it was quite an experience in itself…we enjoyed very much our fill of Highway on my Plate!


Thanks Rocky & Mayur for being source of inspiration.

Photo Courtesy: Mukund Rai

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