Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin – The ultimate comfort for babies & moms too!

When Blogadda announced the Pampers review, I did not miss the opportunity!


And in no time, the product was delivered at my doorstep. This time I wanted to share the product for two new arrivals in my office family (earlier I had done for my family members). Now I wanted to multiply happy mothers in my circle. Truly noble cause…happy mothers make happier country!!

Being a mom is close to divine experience, but full of challenges too! The little bundle of joy brings lot of happiness in the family but not without its set of hardships especially for the first time young mothers.  Here product like Pampers Baby Active Diapers have a big role to play, as we mothers want to use the best.  I must say PAMPERS are softest for baby’s skin, hence preferred by mothers all over the world.

So I how do I know that? I shared Pampers Active Baby Diapers with my colleague Mrs. Harpreet Kaur, Baby – Jashn Jyot Singh.

Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur

Read on to know their experience with Pampers on my blog:

Though I do not have data to support, but I believe Pampers Active Baby Diapers would be most preferred baby care product in the category by mothers all over. Closed to being a category killer, it merits over factors like: Softness, hygiene, absorbency, packaging and availability though I am not sure on pricing aspect. Nobody minds paying a premium for this unique product which brings along loads of happiness.

The Pampers Active Baby diapers range, which is made from non-abrasive and soft, cottony material is an option that helps you keep your baby’s skin safe. Moreover Diapers with lotion become absolutely necessary for keeping your baby’s skin soft, supple and free from rashes.

The Pampers Active Baby diapers are designed keeping in mind how the skin within the diaper is in constant touch with the material of the diaper. Humidity build-up inside the diaper makes your baby’s skin prone to irritation and discomfort. It then becomes important to keep your baby’s skin well ventilated with a light and breathable diaper. As your baby grows up, they tend to move around more. This product is stretchable and flexible which means that it moves with your baby and also prevents leakage. Just make sure you secure the diaper by using the sticky tabs and stretching them around before you secure the diaper.

Pampers highlights:

  1. Upto 12 hours of dryness -Ultra dry core quickly absorbs and lock away liquids
  1. All round Softness -Crafted with Soft materials to provide all round softness and comfort
  1. Baby lotion -Helps protect your baby’s delicate skin
  1. Breathable Materials -The micro pores help air circulation, allowing skin to breathe
  1. All round fit -Stretching 360 degree waist band and leg cuffs

Sharing her experience with the product, Harpreet Kaur says, “I have been using some other brand and I was quite happy with that, till the time I tried Pampers (given by you) on my hyper active child – Jashn Jyot Singh whom I had taken for an outing in Pampers. Indeed, he was visibly happy and I as mother of two small kids could tell the difference from one product to another. Pampers Active Baby Diaper is indeed very soft, hygienic and moisturized, and I am looking for these aspects only in my baby’s diapers, so that I don’t have to worry about rashes, and allergies on their skins. Now I would switch to Pampers. Thanks mam for sharing this wonderful product.”

How I wish, Pampers was around when my baby Tanya was born some 20 years ago, but now with pampers, I can surely look forward to happier grand motherhood, which my mom missed!

Keep your baby healthy and happy and yourself tension free with the Pampers Active Baby.

 This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda.


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