Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin – The ultimate experience!

Keep your baby healthy and happy and yourself tension free with the Pampers Active Baby.


Baby’s arrival is a happy occasion for every family, especially for a mother, who has gone through so much throughout this experience of motherhood. But motherhood brings along its own set of challenges. To make life easier for one such young mother I shared the pack of Pampers with Bageshree who obliged me by using the product and sharing her experience.


It was no different for young Bageshree who became mother to cute little Bhargav around 18 months ago.  Her joys knew no bounds, but yes she too was anxious about how to move out with such young baby in tow without proper diaper which is long lasting and comfortable too.

She tried many brands of Diapers, but zeroed in to Pampers Premium Care Pants owing to its softness, absorbency, hygiene and availability. She was very happy that she could easily get it on from the comfort of her home. When I shared the product with her, she already knew about it well. Her major concern as a young and working mother was to keep baby’s bums dry and smooth as his skin is unable to bear even slightest of harshness. Skin’s health is best maintained by soft and dry diapers because a baby’s skin is smooth, soft and highly delicate which needs that extra care and attention. This is provided by Pampers Premium care pants surely.

Though I do not have data to support, but I believe Pampers Premium Care Pants – Diapers would be most preferred baby care product in the category by mothers all over. Closed to being a category killer, it merits over factors like: Softness, hygiene, absorbency, packaging and availability though I am not sure on pricing aspect. Nobody minds paying a premium for this unique product which brings along loads of happiness.

These Pampers Premium Care Pants, designed for babies weighing around 6 to 11kgs. However, you must look for the size that fits your baby best, as Pampers has a wide range of sizes depending on your baby’s weight and age.

Pampers come with package of:

  • All night absorbency
  • Extra dry layer for all night dryness/absorbency
  • Baby lotion with Aloe Vera to protect skin and helps to provide smoother skin
  • Soft stretch waist and sides for superior fit comfort
  • Soft like cottony cloth


Happy mother, Bageshree, shared, “I have tried several brands on my delicate child but not of much avail. The diapers don’t give long-lasting dryness and ultimate smoothness which I look for as a concerned mother. I tried the Pampers Premium Care Pants and I must say I couldn’t have been happier owing to its softness, hygiene, absorbency and its attractive packaging which makes my son grabbing it at the slightest opportunity. It has also relieved me from  applying baby lotion after every change. I can surely say it is the most long lasting diaper we can have. Thanks for choosing me and my baby Bhargav for the unique product.”


I am really re-living those moments when I had to call for super absorbent diapers from my sister-in-law from the U.S.  Had Pampers being there, I would have enjoyed hassle-free motherhood and my daughter rash-free childhood.

 This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda.

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