#ShareTheLoad – Different perceptions across generations!!

My mother, me & my daughter are representatives of three starkly different generations, strong characters, well – educated, well-groomed and head-strong individuals. She imbibed some values in me which helped me immensely in my later life (Read: Married life). It cannot be denied that marriage brings along a BIG bundle of responsibilities for which we are not well prepared for. If you have certain ambitions to fulfill, then challenge becomes even bigger!

Tanya & Bienu

For her GenNext she was fully supportive of my career moves but alongside she said that your career should not take heavy toll of your family life which you have willfully chosen.  I assured her that it will not but unfortunately it did. Household chores were too much to handle with demanding office job and cranky child.  For her it was unthinkable for her to suggest me that I involve my husband into household work. What to say of knowing about Akshara which has been at the forefront of the effort to making our society a gender equal and violence free one. My mother fully believed in “division of labour” but she always encouraged me to do it together, but how? Probably she had no answer!

A girl’s life is full of dreams, she is born with the wings and we as parents give flight to those wings. She dreams to becoming a good student, successful professional, loving wife and caring mother but the biggest dream is of having supportive husband.  Unfortunately, social milieus don’t support her dreams. Howsoever well-qualified she is – she has been allotted the roles of wife and mother through an unwritten code which brings along host of household responsibilities. The mindset needs a change and should embrace #ShareTheLoad where mothers of sons have a bigger role to play. So that concept takes firm root with future sons-in-law.


I, as a mother has taught my daughter to efficiently balance all roles with élan…it is just not enough that you are a successful professional but a lousy home maker. You are an equal partner with your husband, as a bread-winner and as bread-baker. You should involve him in your laundry especially with the help of Ariel and make it the most enjoyable chore of the household.

My daughter Tanya has noticed that whenever I have fallen sick or travelled on work, house has not come to a grinding halt, courtesy – #ShareTheLoad concept which we adopted years ago. Thus it was not that great a challenge for me to imbibe the concept in GenNext as I was the harbinger of this concept in my family or even social circles.

Now many girls in the family have emulated this model and are proud professionals and great home makers too!!

Having a cake and eating it too!!

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.


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