Last week when Blogadda shared with me details about the show of Ugesh Sarcar, honestly speaking I was not that excited but I told them that I will check with my daughter and fellow blogger Tanya before confirming it. When I shared about the show  with Tanya, she jumped with joy and told me that she has been watching his shows on Television. Now there was no stopping and on a hot Sunday afternoon we called OLA Cab which gave us very comfortable ride to the venue: Manik SabhaGruha  Auditorium at Bandra West on June 12, 2016.


Purposely I did no research on Ugesh Sarcar, the famed Mentalist & Mystician as I did not want to kill the suspense, rather I wanted to be surprised and I was surprised, hugely surprised. I had never seen anything like it even during several international trips. It was mind blowing experience and Sarcar is indeed a mind reader – par excellence. Ugesh, the young, exuberant & witty mystician kept the audience on their toes during the entire over an hour show. He engaged superbly well with the audience and made to the point predictions about hand – picked audience. A lady who was chosen for the act was truly surprised by the predictions he made about her. Alas! I was chosen in her place!! Never mind!!!


The telephonic conversation between a father & son was the most startling act. I loved it! The celebrity guest Mr. Rakesh Bedi, Bollywood Actor was also part of the grand finale act and looked enjoying for himself. Going by the fact, the restless soul which I am, I did not budge from my seat during the entire show. When the show got over, I was like “Arre Show got over, wish had lasted for some more time.” It was great connecting with fellow Blogger Suman Kher before the beginning of the show.


Ugesh Sarcar’s show had dollops of mentalism, moving cards with the mind, past & future predictions which was presented in a very soft manner laden with wit. No words are enough to describe his persona and act.

Being born into a family of magicians, the desire to become one was born long ago in Ugesh who used to tag along with his father’s performances and be an inquisitive assistant. At one such performance, he proudly said to him, “I will be the best magician.”  Probably he was his first client himself, predicting his own future. Known world over for his shows, Ugesh was very charming on stage and audience of all ages, probably across generations loved to be part of his show.


There is no word that exists in the English Dictionary which can describe this versatile, creative and persistent young man. He coined his own term, ‘Mystician‘.   He is a world class Magician who touches the lives of people with his magic touch. His simple, yet deeply philosophical ideas have transformed the destiny of differently abled people through a self-designed mission called ‘IAmPossibleMagic’.

Ugesh Sarcar spent almost three years, completely cut off from the society, and dedicated all his time, energy and efforts in mastering the art of mentalism & mystic which rewarded India with world-class and world –famed mentalist & mystician.

IMG-20160613-WA0016 (1)

And finally, when we I stepped out. Ugesh Sarcar’s Camera crew stopped me for a camera byte which I happily obliged.

You can watch my reaction on

Thanks a ton Blogadda  for the Passes!




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