Gold diggers head to Dubai in Diwali

A unique photo-essay showing might of Gold in the ‘City of Gold’ – Dubai. As one of the world’s great gold trading hubs, there is no doubt that Dubai has some of the best gold shops in the world. When it comes to buying gold, be it bullion, bars or kilos, or jewellery Dubai has a plethora of gold shops where you can indulge your passion for the much sought after metal. However, as with any investment, it makes sense to proceed with caution when investing in gold, which, in many cultures, traditionally serves as an alternative to putting money in the bank.

The Gold Souk in Dubai truly demonstrates why this Emirate has earned itself the reputation of being the city of gold. The sheer scale and variety of designs available on offer is staggering – bracelets, bangles, earrings, pendants and necklaces are available in white, pink, yellow and even green gold in unimaginable designs. There are over 400 shops to choose from and the predominant style of jewelry available is Arabic and Indian styles with some European designs available as well. Additionally, the prices of gold here are amongst the cheapest found anywhere in the world as there is no VAT or tax applicable on the purchase of gold. Browse several stores before you decide on a particular design and don’t forget to haggle for the best possible price. Ask for certificates where applicable. Also be aware that credit card purchases incur an additional fee in most shops.

Have a dekko…what you can dig in Dubai…in Gold!dubai-1 dubai-3 dubai-4 dubai-5 dubai-6 dubai-7 dubai-8 dubai-9 dubai-11 dubai-12 dubai-13 dubai-14 dubai10 positive-poison-dubai-2

Photo Courtsey: Positive Poison

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