#DearZindagi, gratitude for filling my JUG!

I have been constantly stressing my mind since I have read about #DearZindagi contest on @BlogAdda, so question to myself…Who is the JUG of my life? The go to friend whom I can wake up any given point of day for anything (Just that? No she has to be much more). Though I have been quite friendly person otherwise, but I have very few friends and JUG?? @Blogadda has stirred hornet’s nest with the question which all of us need to ask ourselves, do we have JUG in our life really? Or were we living in fool’s paradise all these years? The question is if the need arises, will my bestie stand by my side. Will she or won’t she? Can’t say till the moment of truth arises.

I am lucky that I have a JUG in my life which is full…


…JUG in my life came from most unexpected quarters…for years together, I had no one on whom I can unload fears, aspirations, ambitions, past, present, secrets, achievements, accomplishments and I was quite cool about it. I lived within me, quite happy in my own space and never acknowledged what I was missing in my life. But then somebody walked in my life from the most unexpected territory…as office colleague, team member…whatever you name her. & Life has never been the same again. It was not that bonding was instant but her presence grew on me. We started sharing so many things…controlled from my side…uncontrolled from her side.

She is most vibrant, truthful, straightforward and sprightly person I have come across. Though she is my years junior but somehow I could connect well with her. Her immature demeanor has mature interior and she is the one who brought out the best in me, which I had missed for all these years. Always attentive to my advice, scolding, bantering…praises (rarely though), she has opinion on all things and everything. Her love for life is infectious, which has caught me by surprise. All this and more, she is there for me in all good times, bad times, sad times, and most dependable JUG around. Sometimes I marvel, do such people exist or God has strategically planted her in my life.

Early morning, middle of the day or end of the night I can offload my fears (hardly any) and worries or joys with her.  I worry her for anything and everything…laptop misbehaving, ATM not responding, Difficulty in handling daughter, Everyday office circus, Kashmir issue, Which dress or rather accessories to wear, ever on the move real – estate scenario, family gossip, office gossip…what not!  This was never my forte, I was always ‘me’ person till she happened.

We share many passions, most important ones being for our profession – PR, family and travel. Both of us bond over great photography sessions post our office functions which both of us anchor with élan or decision to dress similarly for many occasions, non-occasions. We love Indian Handloom sarees and this is one good point of discussion where we interchange knowledge on beautiful Indian Sarees.


I never thought on these lines till @Blogadda #DearZindagi asked me to and would have never thought too, that my colleague Bhagyashree Kanade Khedkar would be near indispensable to me. Life somehow looks disturbing without her, though she is biggest disturbing element around…But I love it.

#Dear Zindagi she made my Zindagi dearer than ever…

Would love to watch #DearZindagi directed by Gauri Shinde and Shahrukh & Alia starrer with her!

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.



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