Bye Bye 2016, the year that was…stud or dud?

Circa 2016, the year that was…STUD or DUD?

The year 2016 started on a promising note, looked as if it would turn out to be a landmark year in my life – the STUD year, how I wish, if wishes were horses…

…In today’s times when every single day pops up a new challenge, it is no mean achievement to remain and smile in that grind. If it has been an achievement, let it be! Personally, time moved on, so the happenings, nothing much to talk home about…professionally it was a challenging year…for the industry …for the industrious (like me).

For the first time I closely watched ‘Survival Instinct’ of our member developers, who inspite  of so many negatives, prevalent slowdown, hostile media, developments at Centre & State level, they fought it all with immense zeal, innovation and perseverance. They took it up  constructively at all levels and got many decisions moulded positively…

…Year moved on with its pace and witnessed many industry events, of which I was integral part, which was exciting and tiring both. The zeal to outperform self in every event, on every occasion, sometimes took heavy toll on me. Though I loved taking the toll, whether it was EoDB Seminar, International Women’s Day Celebration, Hosting NYT Bureau Chief, Ellen Barry, Networking event at Smaaash, Two mega Property Expos, RERA Seminar, AGM and not to forget MPL III with round the year media presence. The year would be remembered for receiving three Appreciation Letters and best compliment ever – the “Silent Worker” coming from most unexpected quarters. Though I have been known for raising voices and making noices!! The unflinching belief and strong support was provided by team members – actually they are above that now – Bhagyashree and Reena who graduated in their work sphere and amalgamated well in the organization culture…unlike ME!


All in all it was year full of action.  The year moved at a pace till Diwali, which I celebrated enthusiastically, and Tanya was home from hostel. It was after this period, I was surrounded by the thoughts that nothing happened during the year, I am stuck wherever I was, no traction in life, complete stagnation or no accomplishment which I can be proud of.

Amidst all this and more…I kept myself very busy and occupied. Still took out time for some heavy duty blogging…book reviews…product reviews…bloggers events. Sudden  brake came to all this due to sudden death of my father –in-law followed by death of my Phoophaji.  Since then I have been feeling restricted in my creative pursuits.

This year we undertook two trips – Udaipur and Ahmedabad which turned out to be quite successful and provided me good amount of fodder for the blog. Truly speaking, I enjoyed most on both the trips especially Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur in the night, the lighting, the breeze, the façade, the promenade…everything was in sync and setting was ideal for breezy romance. The lake Pichola, boat ride, Lake City Palace Udaipur, Udaipur Palace and Handicraft Centre are jewels of Udaipur. Dal, Baati, Choorma for Lunch…and some last minute shopping of Batuas for Anuksha for taking it to Netherlands to her friends there, made it all very memorable.

Our stay at Club Mahindra at Udaipur was out of the world experience, the hospitality, the property, the events, the location all was awesome. I had the time of my life there. At Ahmedabad, we did extensive sight- seeing and shopped till we dropped at Law Garden Road. Dinning at Vishala for most authentic Gujrati / Marwari dinner will always be etched in my memory. It was great family time and wonderful hospitality extended by Shashi and children Rishabh and Rashi.

Socio Political Scenario remained quite volatile throughout the year but Demonetisation took the cake. Mother rather Grand Mother of all announcements…It sent lives of Millions of Indians in a tizzy. The move was completely 180 degree opposite for rich and poor. Poor suffered long queues, no cash, no money, no payments, no work and rich no means to hide the cash.  One decision had such wide-spread implications, nobody would have imagined in their weirdest dreams, above all Modiji himself. Kudos to people of our Republic who stood by the decision and supported the move inspite of hardships. Opposition was in full form, fighting tooth and nail against the decision, but no revoking decision was taken. Biggest surprise package was Mamta Bannerji who opposed it no end and finally sat quietly as Modiji was not paying any heed to it. It seems heavy duty cleansing has been done by this move with IT deptt. catching people involved in converting black into white or stashing new currency or even hoarding wealth disproportionate to their incomes. World –Over Economists mulled and culled over this move but could not arrive at answer to the question as basic as why Rs.2000 note was started? Any way this move took the thunder out of Trump’s victory as the President of the United States of America. I did not closely follow the elections but in the last leg I could sense that it is going to be Trump’s triumph undoubtedly! My prediction came true!!

Another prediction – Wherever I had predicted that BJP will win, it won!!!


Inspite of everyone around me cursing Modiji for demonetization for whatever reasons, my faith in his decision remained unwavering; I knew some Amrit will come out of this Manthan. I devoted lot of time watching TV especially after demonetization and reading articles and cartoons, Kejri Ke Bawaal, So Sorry, ROFL RAGA kept me amused throughout the year. With some posts, I laughed my heart out, Pappu became my favourite! I remained glued to TV when he was on screen especially during his earthquake and balloon comments. They should be ashamed of making such comments such well respected and adored PM of India. Frustration loomed large! Hope they take some lessons from Modijis attitude and have some faith in his decisions. They are pulling country backward with all their might!

UP elections and Union Budget would be watched closely in the New Year…

…Our industry – The Real Estate – was bogged down by challenges from all quarters and top it all was hostile media throughout the year. MCHI – CREDAI remained in News throughout the year by way of excellent support provided by agency White Marque Solution’s team and willing presence of our President for media. Many exclusive stories came out which helped industry immensely. Many programs were done throughout India by Industry experts with major focus on Affordable Housing, Smart City and Infra projects. All this and more kept me occupied throughout the year.

Many a times I was bogged down by thought – Not my cup of tea, I Can’t!  But approached every new challenge with renewed zeal and that kept me afloat throughout the year. I did some wonderful pieces for my blog and for my works which were appreciated by one and all, won few contests like – International Women’s Day and Dear Zindagi.  I hardly watched any movies but read quite a few books. I remained quite active on social media and solved one big issue of dump yard in Mangroves through my tweets. Unknowingly I developed good knack for socio-political issues.

As ever, I did not miss single episode of DD Rangoli, Modijis Mann ki Baat and News Hour on Times Now. A jolt came to my social – political routine was when Celebrity Anchor Arnab Goswami left Times Now. News watching has never been the same again. Heard he is coming up with something soon…his passion for news was unflinching!

Jayalalitha’s lost long battle of life and moved to eternity. I always admired her for her courage and strength. In Bollywood, I like to vote for Dear Zindagi and Sultan. The year would be marked for celebrity break –ups, the record in number and many marriages too and signed off with birth of Saif and Kareena’s baby Taimur. The name drew many trolls on social media.

Overall I remained in balanced frame of mind, sometimes felt quitting it all and explore some unconventional ventures …but has the time come for that…not YET!! When it will come, it will come, you will all know it!

Needless to mention, support provided by husband Mukund, cooperation by Tanya, appreciation by Sangeeta, caring & sharing by Anuksha & Ananya, Prabhat for remaining most loving brother, enthusiasm by Hema didi and above all moral support by Mummy! All achievements wouldn’t have been possible without this TEAM!!!

Special thanks to Saxena Couple – Vandana and Aniljijaji who read and commented on all my activities and read my blogposts with lot of interest. Truly motivating! Connected with lost lost friends & brother – Kamal Mathur and Angela D’Cruz after many many years. Thanksgiving not complete without mention of Balwant ji who remained connected through out.

So can it be termed as DUD – Certainly Not! STUD – Neither!!

Stepping into New Year 2017 with renewed energy and hope…

Till then ADIEU…2016!


Oh yes! The year 2017 rings in my new blogs – and

Stay tuned with latest on my blogs – Your blessings & wishes – to be integral part of 2017…forever!





Sim Card for foreign tourists!

Ready to call Sim Card will be pre-loaded with Maps, tourism booklets


The Home Ministry’s New Year Gift to its foreign tourists from 161 countries will be pre-loaded sim cards at 12 major airports of India after Home Minister formally launches it this weekend.

The ready to call sim cards will be available to foreign tourists arriving at airports in Panjim, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi and Varanasi to begin with. The move is aimed at projecting India as a global tourist destination among foreign travellers as well as addressing the security concerns by equipping the tourists with mobile phones to make calls in case of any distress. The initiative has been planned in association with BSNL this weekend by distributing free pre loaded Sim Cards to foreign tourists arriving in India on e – Visa. The Sim Card will be given to the tourists at the immigration itself. This has been rolled out in phased manner with pilot in Delhi and few select cities next week,

Indeed great move for foreign tourists in India.

Source: ET